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A character for Prime Time Adventures, created by Screen Monkey.


This is a critical section for Prime Time Adventures (PTA) characters. Every character exists in the series and the series is a character in tself, in a sense. So this campaign is called 'Gypsy Angels'. It is a game based loosely on the campaign Transhuman space, but sans Transhumanism. It is the future, and space travel is common. so common in fact, that there are groups of people and communes floating all throughout the Solar system in small ships. The game centres around the Gypsy family, a family spaceship group . A small family who travel in a small spaceship, taking on off jobs, meeting odd people, and having adventures. The campaign centres around Jupiter, and th asteroid belt. From here, Mars seems like a metropolitan centre. The family is growing up, and there are other strains. It is harder to find work, and there are big corporations trying to squeeze out the small operators.

Character Stats

Jared Gypsy
Issue: Self Worth. Jared still feels like a kid, and often screws up. He wonders if he has what it takes to make it with the grownups. He has a crush on Gretchen Scott, and this doesn't help his esteem issues at all

Screen Presence: 1,2,2,2,3,1

Edge: Hotshot Pilot Jared is a good intuitive pilot. He has been flying since before he could walk. He loves ships and there's little he can't do.

Edge: Free Space Activist Jared is involved in the free space movement. His involvement so far is only helping with web sites, organising rallies. But he could get drawn deeper into some of their more suspect activities. his involvement has taught him a lot about the more cynical side of the system, and the darker side of the way corporations work.

Connections: Ward. Ward is Jard's AI. He was a babysitter and educator originally, but he has evolved and learned along with Jared. Jared sometimes chafes when Ward forgets Jared's nearly an adult but they have been lifelong friends.

Connections: Thiago Santiago. A Spanish engineer apprentice on Ceres base, Thiago was friends with Jared during school face week (when cyber connected classes actually meet up). Thiago lives at the hub of the outer rim, and knows a lot fowhat's going on.

Connections: Gretchen Scott. Top student and beautiful to boot, Gretchen is an entrepreneur in her spare time, but mostly she travels with her family just like Jared. She knows and likes Jared, and if he could prove himself and overcome his shyness maybe he could get somewhere with her.

Nemesis: Nate Rubin. Nate is the son of a powerful executive in the Transrock corporation, who has always used his wealth and snide self confidence to put Jared down. He is also a competitor for Gretchen's affections. He uses his trust fund and father's influence to exploit people and make more money, and to create business deals with Gretchen. He's put the Gypsy's out of business if he could.

Character Description

Jared is a young man who has to learn his own true worth over tie, and maybe win the girl, or realise he doesn't need her to feel complete. He peaks near the series climax, so we suspect his issue is closely linked to the metaplot. without knowing the rest of his family (the other characters) we can't fully round him out.


PTA is very cool. Like Dread, it encourages creativity, but it is less specific and enables me to create a character of my own devising. This is a fun process, and I can imagine collaboratively it is even more fun.