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A character for NWoD: Changeling, created by Thanatos02.

All of my characters follow the same basic rules, as noted here, though I don't expect anybody else to follow them. All of the characters are starting characters as outlined in the books. In generic books where a setting is assumed, I build a character that would fit in the setting. Where no setting is assumed, I build towards the contemporary era as the setting allows. In games that have no set point values or start character generation rules, I'll list specific guidelines built towards my assumptions of a 'beginning' or starting character.

My rules regarding fat-splats or series of games that utilize the same core mechanics is that when rules create suitably diverging types of characters, I'll construct one per setting I own. (For example, using Exalted, Dragon-Blooded and Solars are sufficiently different. In OMage, Order of Hermes and a Hollow One are not sufficiently different. In games with classes, different classes are not enough. They must essentially be different characters. Other people's opinions on what are different 'enough' really arn't my area of expertise. I build in good faith.)

In any event, should the character posted not be according to the assumed structure of the Challenge Wiki, it will be alter shortly, and was probably the result of a time crunch. Thanks! I hope you have as much fun with this as I did. ^_^


The concept I wanted could easily be done out of the main Changeling book with plenty of flavor supplied by NWoD Core book Merits. He's a basic blue-collar worker with a bit of a twist, designed to be a literal Red Cap from Scottish myth, iron shoes (and javelins) and all. Unlike in Camarilla LARPs, cold iron isn't especially difficult to aquire, so I liberally designed his pub darts to be cold iron. Other then that, it's all straight-laced game book stuff even a conservative Storyteller wouldn't balk to allow.

Character Stats

Name: Jared Kenny (was Mickey Scott)
Age: 37
Player: K Weston
Concept: Resigned Warehouse Worker
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Court: Summer
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Gristlegrinder
Wyrd: *

Intelligence: **
Wits: **
Resolve: ***

Strength: ***
Dexterity: **
Stamina: ***

Presence: ***
Manipulation: *
Composure: **

Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics: **
Medicine: **
Craft: *** (whittling)

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics: *** (throwing)
Brawl: ***
Larceny: **
Stealth: *
Weaponry: ** (knives)

Social (-1 unskilled)
Socialize: **
Streetwise: **

Defense: 2
Size: 5
Health: 8
Initiative: 4
Clarity: 7
Speed: 10
Glamor: 1
Willpower: *****

Iron Stamina: **
Iron Stomach: **
Strong Back: *
New Identity: **

Stone: **
Artifice: **
Eternal Summer: *

Glamor point to add dice to Strength, Intimidation, or Brawl.
Terrible Teeth: Biting after Grappling is a Lethal +2 attack.

No 10-Again to Composure (Except Wits+Composure for Perception)
-1 to Compusure when using it as a Defense Trait.

Steel-toed Shitkickers
Satchel of cold iron game darts.
6-inch knife.
Smaller carving knives.
Forged driver's ID and birth certificate.

Character Description

The only place I ran out of points was in the Merits section, where I really wanted to pile on the Red Cap shit. More stamina, more, I dunno, whatever. It's no huge loss, though. I had enough to write up a character who was kind of a bad-ass, but had a sensitive side, and I imagine him as being kind of a nice tough guy with a mean edge to him.
In keeping with Changeling's themes of abuse, I kind of when societal. I imagined this character as someone who started out as a decent, but not genius student who wanted to make it out of his parent's blue collar life. They had a lot of faith in him, and he worked hard, even if he didn't make the best grades. I have a concept for how he was taken and what happened, but when he got back, his fetch was doing well, having graduated from college and doing well for itself (with proud parents) oblivious to its fetch nature. Micky, not really cut out to take his fetch's place, and afraid of what would happen if he did, just resigned himself to warehouse work and contents himself with watching his fetch, feeling that it's good enough knowing that it could have been him.

Needless to say, he's an NPC the PCs can spur into action (for good or ill). If you want to make it a tougher dilemma, make the fetch prone to giving into his Wrath vice and making him a little dangerous (and bringing in the moral question of stepping in). He'd make a pretty decent tough-guy PC with unresolved issues, too.


I dunno how I feel about the Contracts. To me, they were the least interesting part of the whole system when I was taking stuff into account for Mickey. So, maybe that's a failing on my part. Or maybe Contracts are dull. I think it's just me though. Otherwise, stuff was easy as pie, and pretty flavorful.