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Game: Once More, With Feeling!
Character Name: Unnamed Thrice-Born Moonchild

Also: Untamed Moonchild, Darkest Shadow, and Una the Hunter
Caste: No Moon

Appearance: Moonchild takes on his human true form only on the most rare of occasions anymore. He changes his form to suit the occasion and has no preference between male and female forms. His current favorite human form is as that of a female wood aspected dragon-blood barbarian from the east. He uses his all black great wolf form with regularity, though. Lately he has begun to use the forms of a blood ape, the first form he took with the Green Sunchild knack and even more recently, a buck-ogre due to Luna's Hidden Face. He is at least 150 years old according to, Tloctl Spirit Render, his Lunar mentor.


Know creations enemies by taking their form


  • designates UMI

Solar Mate
Gaining New Shapes

  • Helping the people of Nexus


A black wolf's head outlined in purple with silver teeth and eyes


PHYSICAL: Strength 4, *Dexterity 5, *Stamina 5

SOCIAL: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4

MENTAL: *Perception 5, *Intelligence 4, *Wits 5



*Archery 5
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Dodge 5
Integrity 2
Martial Arts 3
Melee 1
Resistance 2


 Craft -Wood 1 
Larceny 2
Linguistics 4 (SE Tribal(Native), Low Realm, Riverspeak, Forestspeak, Clawspeak)
Performance 2
Presence 1
Socialize 1
Stealth 3
*Survival 3


Investigation 2
Lore 2
*Occult 5


Solar Bond 5

Resource 3
Moonchild sometimes supplies thaumaturges and sorcerers with hard to find or dangerous to acquire exotic materials from animals and plants

Reputation 2

Artifact 4
Nightwind, Moonsilver Long Powerbow it can create ammunition as solar charm phantom arrow technique;they do holy damage; they appear as silver streaks of light

Artifact 4
Moonsilver and Starmetal Infinite Resplendent Amulet

Artifact 2
Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers +3 Dodge, +2L soak

Manse 3
Adder's Eye; coat weapon with coral snake venom

Manse 3
Gladestalker's Stone; +3 Acc +3 Dmg when in a power bow


Prey's Skin Disguise - Take human forms
Towering Beast Form - Take larger forms
Internal Form Mastery - Use better Dex
Luna's Hidden Face - Take shapes of Wyld creatures
Green Sunchild - Take shapes of Demons
Deadly Beastman Transformation (all black wolfman)
-- Tail [+2 Athletics to balance]
-- Wolf's Pace [+2 Dex for movement, +2 Str to jump]
-- Night Vision [see clearly at night as if daylight]
-- Enhanced Smell [+2 Awareness to smell]
-- Enhanced Hearing [+2 Awareness to hear]
-- Thick Skin [+2L/+2B]
-- Talons do [+2L 'punch or a +5L 'Kick']

Bruise Relief Method - 1m+; refl; inst; gift(2m); heal 1B/m up to Sta; reflexively heal 1B/act

Halting the Scarlet Flow - 2m+; refl; inst; Obv, gift(3m); heal 1L as a misc act(may be flurried); refl heal 1L/act, with BRM heal 1L and (Sta)B each action.

Moonsilver Stomach Conversion - 3m; refl; ind; gift(1m); eat anything w/o harm and gain sustenance from it

Eye of the Cat - 6m; simp; scn; cok, fok; detect that which is undetectable, gives no bonus to what could be detected

Instinctive Essence Prediction - 4m; simp; scn; cok, fok; allows a roll to determine what the basic effect of a charm is, can aid in resisting that charm.

The Spider's Trap Door - 4m; supl; inst; cok, illusion; can not detect concealed or hidden with mortal senses, in addition those with MDV less than sux + Ess see the area as undisturbed

Thieving Magpie Prana - 3m; simp; inst; cok; Wits roll to conceal

Many-pockets Meditation - 2m; simp(sp5); ind; cok, touch; send object to elswhere, up to Ess items

Graceful Crane Stance - 3m; refl; scn; cok; balance on any surface

Golden Tiger Stance - 2m; refl(st2); inst; FOk; eliminate (Dex) points of penalties to DV

Wary Swallow Method - 1m; refl(st2); inst; makes attack expected

Wind-Dancing Method - 3m; refl(st9); counter; after using DV, move (Dex+Dodge)yd from attacker

Flowing Body Evasion - 4m; refl(st2); inst; perfect dodge (conviction)

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - 1w(sp5,dv-2)
- Death of Obsidian Butterflies - 15m; 30yd wide x 10yd long x 10yd high; attack with acc:((Per+Occ)+Ess) dmg:8L
- Infallible Messenger - 10m; summoned cherub; send message anywhere in creation or yu-shan
- Emerald Countermagic - 10/20m; caster/spell; as a refl, sp0 act caster protects himself from a spell or negates the spell
- Demon of the First Circle - 20m+; 1 1st cirlce demon; summon and bind a demon
- Paralyzing Contradiction - 15m; creatures in area; targets must get (Int+Lore)sux or remain inactive, still get dv and is released if attacked
- Ritual of Elemental Empowerment - 30m+; 1 item; imbues an item with an elemental effect

Celestial Circle Sorcery - 2w(2act each sp5,dv-3)
- Sapphire Countermagic - 15/20m; caster/spell; as two refl, sp0 act caster protects himself from a spell or negates the spell
- Sapphire Circle Banishment - 15m+; 1 or more demons; as two refl, sp0 act can force demons back to Malfeas
- God-Forged Champion of War - 20m+(committed); caster; create a scout or common warstrider, it lasts for 1 hour plus 1/10m; can form weapons at 1m/dot for mundane or 2m/dot for artifact, if cast at night gain moonsilver bonuses for +5m
- Travel Without Distance - 25m; caster; teleport (Ess)x10 miles, may be used in mass combat to teleport up to (Ess) magnitude


Essence: 5 Personal: 20/23 Peripheral: 39/39[54] Committed: 15
Willpower 9/9
Virtues: Compassion: 2 Conviction: 4 Temperance: 3 Valor: 3
Limit 7/10
Curse of the Heartless Weasel: Moonchild thinks only of himself, ignoring the feelings, needs, and even survival of anyone else. He cares not how his actions effect those around him. He has no mercy for friend or foe and will just as soon slaughter an innocent that gets in his way. He will not expend effort or take risk to aid another. With partial control, Moonchild may spare the lives of his allies as they may be useful to him at a later time. He will still mistreat them however.

Anima Effect 10m discount on spell effects


Join Battle: 8 DMDV: 16/2 PMDV: 4/2 Dodge: 18[19]/2

Soak: 10L/10B (IRA 5L/5B; Bracers 2L)
Punch: Spd 5, Acc 9, Dmg 4B, PDV 10, Rate 3
Kick: Spd 5, Acc 8, Dmg 7B, PDV 6, Rate 2
Clinch: Spd 6, Acc 8, Dmg 4B (P), Rate 1
Short Sword, exceptional: Spd 4, Acc 9, Dmg 10L (cold dmg from Blessing of Air), PDV 8, Rate 2
Nightwind: Spd 6, Acc 16, Dmg 10L + Coral Snake Venom, Rng 450 yd, Rate 3
Arrows: Broadhead +2L; Fowling 2B; Target +0L piercing

War form:
Soak: 12L/13B/2A (IRA 5L/5B; Bracers 2L; Thick Skin 2L/2B/2A)
Claws: Spd 5, Acc 10, Dmg 7L, PDV 11, Rate 3
Short Sword: Spd 4, Acc 10, Dmg 11L (cold dmg from Blessing of Air), PDV 9, Rate 2
Nightwind: Spd 6, Acc 17, Dmg 11L + Coral Snake Venom, Rng 450 yd, Rate 3
Arrows: Broadhead +2L; Fowling 2B; Target +0L piercing

Health Levels:
-0[ ] -1[ ][ ] -2[ ][ ] -4[ ] Inc[ ] Dead[ ]

Merits and Flaws

Amnesia +2 fp – first 120 years of his life
Diminished Cha +3fp
Diminished Man +3fp
Disturbing +2fp – aura of menace


Spent: 48
On: athletics 3; awareness 3; Graceful Crane Stance; Eye of the Cat; Instinctive Essence Prediction; Cha 3; performance 2


The Lunar now known as Thrice-Born Moonchild With No Name (Moonchild) has no memory of the first part of his life. His memories were his Sacrifice to be initiated into Sorcery. He even gave up his name. He does remember his Second Breath, though. He can recall with clarity how he was being chased by wolves. How he decided that he would not die running. How Luna, the Bloody Huntress came to him and gave him the strength to fight on. How he became the hunter and the wolves the hunted. He did not need to kill all of them, just the leader. To this day, Moonchild remembers vividly his first kill as his finest kill, his first Heart's Blood as the most fulfilling.

For the next 30 years or so, Moonchild hunted prey and searched out lost lore for himself and the Silver Pact. He has been on several expeditions to rescue Unblooded and take down Chimera. He has been instrumental in teaching many novice Lunars how to hunt and survive.

For his initiation into the Celestial Circle of Sorcery, Moonchild assumed he would just give a similar sacrifice as the first time. The Sorcery had different plans though. He arrogantly offered whatever was required and he was furious at what it took. His freedom. Since that day, Moonchild has had dreams and visions the return of a companion from another time who he was subservient to. He has fought the supernatural pull to go to this person. He has recently been called upon to go to Nexus and retrieve an Unblooded Lunar or take care of the Chimera that he has become. At first, Moonchild did not think too much of it, but after communicating with Salamander, an ally and sometime partner who keeps a residence in Nexus, he new that fate had played its hand and his time was up. He now travels quickly to perform his duty and to fulfill his destiny. But he doesn't like it.


Moonchild is a hard-case, he doesn't like anyone or anything. If you gain his respect, though, you will have a loyal and true ally. He believes that the best way to overcome an enemy is to know your enemy by taking on their form.

Forms Known

I need a place to note the forms that he knows so that I don't easily forget them

Wood aspect(f) DB, barbarian from the east [Str:4 Dex:5 Sta:5 App:4]
Air aspect DB, sorcerer from lookshy [Str:2 Dex:3 Sta:4 App:3]

Fair Folk Cataphractoi from the North [Str:6 Dex:7 Sta:6 App:5]
Hobgoblin forms from the East and North [Str:4 Dex:4 Sta:4 App:1 Soak:5L/7B]
Gryphon [Str:7 Dex:5 Sta:5 App:- Soak: 5L/8B; wings, bite(sp6 acc+1 dmg+4L rate8), talons(sp6 acc+0 dmg+2L rate9)]
Abacasteri (CoCD II: the Wyld p155) [Str:6 Dex:4 Sta:6 App:- Soak:7L/10B; claws(sp5 acc+0 dmg+2L rate2)]
Sea Horse (CoCD II: the Wyld p156) [Str:6 Dex:3 Sta:6 App:- Soak:4L/7B; bite(sp5 acc+1 dmg+0L rate1), kick(sp5 acc+2 dmg+2L rate2)]
Buck Ogre [Str:7 Dex:2 Sta:6 App:- Soak:9L/14B; multiple limbs, hair, horns(sp6 acc+1 dmg+5L rate1)])

Blood Ape [Str:6 Dex:4 Sta:4 App:1 Soak:6L/8B; claws(sp5 acc+0 dmg+2L pdv-1 rate2), tough hide(+3L/+3B)]
Neomah [Str:3 Dex:5 Sta:5 App:5]
Luminata, the Deer that Hunt Men (BoS V: RoGD II p80) [Str:4 Dex:3 Sta:4 App:0/5 Soak:4L/8B; tentacle whip(sp5 acc+1 dmg+1L pdv+0 rate1), whipcord flesh(2L/4B)]
Teodozjia, the Lions Sent into the World (BoS V: RoGD II p87) [Str:5 Dex:3 Sta:6 App:3 Soak:13L/15B; bite(sp6 acc+0 dmg+7L rate1), claw(sp5 acc+1 dmg+4L pdv+2 rate3), Jade Flesh(10L/9B/8H]
Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons (CoCD V: Malfeas p150) [Str:4 Dex:4 Sta:4 App:2 Soak:6L/6B; claws(sp5 acc+0 dmg+2L pdv-2 rate2), stinger(sp5 acc+0 dmg+0L rate1), tough hide (4L/2B)]

Officer (soldier)from the Hundred Kingdoms [Str:4 Dex:3 Sta:4 App:3]