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Nasa the Beneficient Serpent

Character in Land of Sand, played by Sunhawk.

Caste: Solar Exalt, Zenith
Concept: Miraculous Desert Priest

(Physical description goes here)

Iconic Anima

  • (Anima goes here)


  • To bring the people of the South together in virtue and spirit


  • Childhood tribe
  • Paragon (Negative)
  •  ?
  •  ?



  • Strength ••
  • Dexterity ••••
  • Stamina •••


  • Charisma •••••
  • Manipulation •
  • Appearance •••••


  • Perception ••
  • Intelligence ••••
  • Wits •


Caste Abilities

  • Integrity
  • Performance •••
  • Presence •••••
  • Resistance
  • Survival •••

Favored Abilities

  • Melee •••••
  • Craft(Earth) •••
  • Lore •••••
  • Medicine •••••
  • Occult •••••

Other Abilities

  • Investigate •
  • Awareness •••


Artifact 4, Singing Staff

  • "The Voice of the Earthen Serpent"
  • (page reference)
  • (combat details)

Artifact 1, Orichalchum Chainmail Shirt

  • (page reference)
  • (combat details)

Contacts 3

  • Head of a Nomad Tribe
    • (details uncertain)
  • Wealthy Traveling Merchant
    • (details uncertain)
  • Respected Chiacuroso Physician
    • (details uncertain)


  • Compassion ••••
    • Flaw: Compassionate Martyrdom
      • Limit: 0/10
  • Conviction •
  • Temperance ••••
  • Valor •
  • Willpower ••••• •••


  • Essence ••
  • Motes, Pers 14/14
  • Motes, Peri 25/32
  • Motes, Comm 7

I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

Equipment of Note

  • Somewhat tattered off-white hooded robes
  • A singing staff, coated in a thin patina of sand
  • A shirt of orichalcum, hidden under his garments


(pending after I sleep)

  • What is your character's name? Is it self-given? A title? Or was it just given to them by their mom and/or dad?
  • What does your character look like?
  • Where in Creation is your character from? If they are local to Chiaroscuro, are they Delzahn, or some other tribe? City-Dweller or Desert-Dweller? If they aren't from the area, have they leaved near here long or are they new to the area?
  • What is your character's family like? Parents? Did they live in an extended family with a lot of their relatives, or do they only have a few that they know? Were their parental relationships nurturing or not-so-nurturing? How does this affect your character now?
  • What about close friends? Lovers? Is your character married? How close are your character's friends?
  • Are their any organisations or nations that your character is loyal to? Why?
  • What ideals does your character uphold? Are there any that they would be willing to die for?
  • How does your character feel about their Exaltation? Are they gung-ho, ready to use their newfound power to shake the world to its foundations, or are they more cautious, *How is your character's relationship with his or her divine patron? Is it distant? Is your character particularly pious towards any religion, whether that of their patron, or any of the others in the setting?
  • What are your character's goals? What do they hope to accomplish? What is your character's Motivation?



  • Dodge DV: ?
  • Parry DV: ?


  • Dodge MDV: ?
  • Parry MDV: ?


  • Bashing: ?
  • Lethal: ?