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Ox is a relatively recent recruit to the Empire. He began life as a herdsman with the Seti, spending weeks following his family’s cattle, protecting them from marauders, and returning them to the farm stead when winter came. Ox thrived on the solitary existence, the freedom, and the wide open spaces of the Seti plains of Quon Tali. However, Ox realized that as his people left the plains and entered the cities his way of life was threatened. It all began harmlessly enough: the occasional regiment or squad hiring him for a few weeks to scout through the area they were moving in, or to advise them of local geography. But much to his surprise, Ox enjoyed his contact with the legions: the warmth of camaraderie, the trust and respect of soldiers, and the value that was put on his skills. Ox left his family and the farm: his father sad to see his last son leaving the old ways behind. Since joining the Legion he has gained a reputation not only as a skilled scout and tracker, but also as someone who can close to an enemy and strike without being seen.

Ox is a slim, small man with deeply tanned skin. He has black hair he wears tied back in a braid. His eyes are blue and he is clean-shaven. His face is expressionless and frequently company he is in forget his presence. Ox rarely expresses any emotion and remains calm and taciturn, even when under pressure. He dresses in standard marine uniform.


Title: Old ways of the plain Description: Ox was reared as a traditional Seti Herdsman and his family resisted the urbanization of their people Invoke: horsemanship, tracking, survival, handling herds, long knives; Compel: guilt about leaving way of life behind.

Title: conscientious chronicler of the land. Description: part obsession, part survival instinct, Ox is preoccupied with charting where he has been. Invoke: tracking,map-reading,scouting, navigation Compel: distraction from other things, slow him down.

Title: if you see me, there is nothing to see Description: from his earliest days working with the Malazans, Ox learnt the benefits of being nondescript and unmemorable Invoke: unassuming, quiet, people remembering him, hiding in plain sight, disguise Compel: when wishes to communicate with others, sometimes ignored.

Title: Quiet respect for the Empire's veterans Description: Since signing up, ox has been greatly impressed with the skill and fortitude of the Empire's forces. Invoke: when working with veterans of Empire. Compel: following orders unquestioningly.

Title: Loyalty to a point Description: when tasked to assassinate a Seti headsman as part of is Claw training, Ox refused, Invoke: following superior's orders, helping comrades, aiding repressed plains people. Compel: may disobey orders when asked to do things against his origins/ideology

Title: Partial Claw Training Description: Despite his lack of magical ability, Ox was initially recruited by the Claw but failed to complete one of the training exercises. Invoke: assassination, stealth, spying, information gathering, secrecy, deception. Compel: minimal with truth, fleeing Claw, suspicious.

  • FP 5


  • Shadowed in Plain Sight (In Plain Sight + Master of Shadows)
  • Quick Like the Wind (Light Foot + Like the Wind)
  • Ready before the Event (Danger Sense + Ready for Anything)
  • Mental Cartographer (Due North + photographic memory for maps)


  • Great (+4): Stealth
  • Good (+3): Melee Combat, Perception
  • Fair (+2):Athletics, Physicality, Resolve, Survival
  • Average (+1):Deception, Gather Information, Ranged Combat, Thievery

Stress & Consequences

  • Physical: 4
  • Composure: 4
  • Consequences: 3


  • Paired Seti long-knifes (+2, Close Combat Weapon)
  • Enough throwing knifes (+1, Small, Poor Defense, Close Combat Weapon)
  • Marine scout issue leather armor
  • Marine standard issue shield (-1, absorb 1 Major, Cumbersome, Wall of Protection)
  • Marine standard issue crossbow (+2, range 2, Slow Reload, Armor-piercing)
  • Backpack, bedroll, water flasks, candles, two lamps, oil, writing equipment, half-filled book of maps and sketches, hunting/trapping gear, simple burglary/lockpick tools.