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Game: Once more, with feeling!.

Character Name: Quietly Effervescing Epiphany
Caste: Eclipse Caste, Solar Exalted
Concept: Visionary: Binder of Peoples

A handsome sun-bronzed man of 6'1" stands before you in southern travelers robes. Green-as-emerald eyes pierce every secret of your heart as they catch your gaze. His straight blond hair is swept back behind his head, but for two strands that hang down in front of his ears. Around his waste is a belt of plain steel discs and other than a pack and some knives he seems like an ordinary traveler.


  • To bring together peoples, nations, and societies into a properly ordered Celestial Hierarchy.


  • Other Celestials - As they are Necessary for proper governance of Creation. (+)
  • Father in Gem (+)
  • Knowledge that can be used to re-establish the Celestial Hierarchy (+)
  • Martial Arts (+)
  • Demons (-)

-Has given up outright hatred towards demons and their destruction as a sacrifice. However, he still distrusts them and will be inclined to shun those that utilize their services.


  • Flaming Silver Hawk at the end of a swooping dive with talons extended hovers directly overhead in an eternal state of attack.


Physical Attributes[edit]

  • Strength 3 [8]
  • Dexterity 5
  • Stamina 4 [9]

Social Attributes[edit]

  • Charisma 5
  • Manipulation 5
  • Appearance 5

Mental Attributes[edit]

  • Perception 5
  • Intelligence 3
  • Wits 2


Caste Abilities[edit]

  • Bureaucracy 5
  • Linguistics 3 (South: Old, River, High Realm)
  • Ride 1
  • Sail
  • Socialize 2

Favored Abilities[edit]

  • MA 5 (Knives +2)
  • Performance 2
  • Presence 3
  • Resistance 1
  • Craft: Fire 1
  • Craft: Earth 1
  • Occult 5
  • Dodge 1

Unfavored Abilities[edit]

  • Archery 1
  • Athletics 1
  • Awareness 5
  • Integrity 1
  • Lore 5
  • Medicine 1
  • Survival 1


Lunar Bond 5[edit]

Manse 5: Perfect Mobility [a Solar Sanctuary with Mirage of Protective Shelter][edit]

  • Deep in the South near the boarders of where things burn is a large plateau of volcanic rock. It is about 3 miles across, but in the middle stands a brilliant cathedral to the Unconquered Sun. There is none of its like in creation. [More description to come]

Artifact 4: Perfect Kata Bracers[edit]

  • (Com:8)

Artifact 4: Spirit Ring[edit]

  • (Com: Must be Terrestrial Sorcerer)

Resource 4[edit]

  • Jewelery crafting merchant shop in Marita with couple of years worth of sales in cut and uncut gem stones imported directly from Gem.

Influence: Gem 2[edit]

Sifu 4: Xu Xan Sun (in the soul ring)[edit]

  • Known Martial Arts he is willing to teach: Violet Bier of Sorrows, Snake, Ebon, Meditative Discussion, Relentless Persuasion, Prismatic Sphere of Creation, Obsidian Shards of Infinity, and Charcoal Marching Spiders.

Artifact 3: Obfuscated Opulence[edit]

  • 2 Skin Mount Amulet Sockets (Located one on each hip)
  • +1 Perception OR +3 Geomancy and/or detecting and dealing with Spirits and the Occult, but not for Spell Casting (same effect as Dragon Tear).
  • Social groups are considered 1 larger or small in magnitude, whichever is of greater benefit, when being affected by the attuned Exalts charms/effects.
  • Commitment: Implant (10 mote bonus, currently)


  • OX-BODY 1-1, 2-2 (Core pg208)
  • SPEED THE WHEELS (Core pg230)
  • Indolent Official Charm
  • Foul Air of Argument Technique
  • FLIGHT OF MERCURY (MoE v3 pg 181)
  • CAUTIOUS COMMENTS (SotMonk –IL pg18)
  • PRIOR WARNING (MoE v3 pg 173)
  • EXPECTED PAIN (MoE v3 pg 173)
  • Terrestrial Sorcery
  • Celestial Sorcery
  • Solar Sorcery


  • Unbreakable Bones of Stone (White Treatise pg66)
  • Ritual of Elemental Empowerment (White Treatise pg57)
  • Commanding Presence of Fire (White Treatise pg40)
  • Infallible Messenger (Core pg254)
  • Sapphire Counter-Magic (Core pg256)
  • Cloud Trapez (White Treatise pg93)
  • Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation (White Treatise pg83)
  • Solar Sanctuary (White Treatise pg95)
  • Mirage of Protective Shelter (White Treatise pg93)


  • Essence: 5
    • Personal: 25 / 25
    • Peripheral: 59 [60] / 40
    • Committed: 9


[X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


  • Compassion: 2
  • Conviction: 5
  • Temperance: 5
  • Valor: 2

Limit Break[edit]

Heart of Flint { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { }


  • A pair of perfect Knives enchanted with Air [Spd 5, Acc +3,Dmg +3L, Def +0, Rate 4] +2L Optional
  • Travel clothing and gear enchanted with Earth.
  • Traveling clothing enchanted with Air.
  • Lavishly designed formal wear enchanted with Water
  • Great Sword, enchanted with Water, in the form of a metal disc belt. (1mote Com)


  • Rinaldo grown up the son of a thaumaturge specialized in spirits and charms. He ran the store for his papa, who often worked in the back and would only come out to haggle for the most valuable of items. Rinaldo’s mother was killed in an experiment gone askew, but the cause was hidden from him by his father. It was not until after he had Exalted that he discovered the truth.
  • As for his exaltation, it was a warm winter night when his father summoned a demon and something unexpected happened. The battle was fierce, for Rinaldo had only the knives he and his father used at the dinner table. Even though his father survived, he would never work again having lost three out of four limbs. Fortunately Quietly Effervescing Epiphany didn’t go nearly as ‘wild’ as some others during exaltation. He was able to stick around and help his father recover for months. Meanwhile, they did need to make a living and Quietly Effervescing Epiphany took over the practice.
  • A strange traveler came into the shop one day, pretending to look for something. Quietly Effervescing Epiphany easily saw through it and quickly got to the point that the man wanted to sell some things he found, a book and a ring. He wouldn’t say where he found them, but he wanted a large sum for them. Quietly Effervescing Epiphany looked and knew what the book was immediately: The Black and White Treatises. The ring was a mystery, however, even if it looked to be made of solid gold. Quietly Effervescing Epiphany made an offer and the dickering began. It was over 30 minutes before a price was decided on and even then Quietly Effervescing Epiphany didn’t have it in cash. Another 30 minutes later silver, jade, and products from the shop were exchanged and Quietly Effervescing Epiphany had the means to become a real Sorcerer!
  • It was several months before he could do more than read some things in the book. He had to make a lot of things to replace what he had traded. Often he was tempted to sell the ring, but for some reason he held on to it. At the end of the year he went into full time study, letting his one armed father make sales. It seemed that their rolls had reversed.
  • A few weeks later Quietly Effervescing Epiphany had to go onto a journey to work through the remaining trials to learn Sorcery. His adventures in the desert and dangerous encounters with monsters, spirits, and others are for another time. However, he did become more and more proficient in his gifts and sorcery after he met his Sifu, Xu Xan Sun, who was forever trapped in the magical golden ring. Only those who know Sorcery could speak with him while he was trapped.
  • Xu Xan Sun was the higher soul of an ancient Sidereal Exalted who had lived a long time ago. Xu had asked a Solar friend of his to construct the ring and put him there so that he could advise his next reincarnation. Unfortunately the Usurpation struck the deal as null and void. For many centuries after that Xu and the book he was fond with lay in a long forgotten place of meditation for the now long dead Solar.
  • Xu Xan Sun, knowing his ultimate goal was unreachable now, wanted Quietly Effervescing Epiphany to destroy the ring and give Xu the ability to finally rest. Quietly Effervescing Epiphany knew a good opportunity when he saw one and entered into negotiations with Xu. When an agreement was finally reached Quietly Effervescing Epiphany had a new Sifu, pledged to his training, till he was a master of many Martial Arts and the wielder of Solar Sorcery. In return Quietly Effervescing Epiphany pledged and bound himself to destroy the Ring.
  • Eventually, over many years of study and effort Quietly Effervescing Epiphany reached the pentacle of his mystical abilities although his Sifu could not teach him the final stages. However, he could point him to an ancient catch of odd things he knew about in the deep desert. Flying a cloud trapez, summoned through his mystic arts, Quietly Effervescing Epiphany traveled in search and finally found it. In it were true treasures: the description of many Solar Spells, a few artifacts, and a massive demanse.
  • Returning to Gem, Quietly Effervescing Epiphany decided he needed to use his skills to make a great deal of wealth so that he could acquire the orichalcum he would need to fashion five statues. He went about this in two ways. First he made deals with a few of the local weapon and armor smiths. Should they have any clients looking for enchanted weapons, they should pass them along to ‘Rinaldo’ and they would be well rewarded. It took months of selling weapons, armor, and objects enchanted with the Ritual Of Elemental Empowerment to acquire enough jade. However, that allowed him to start his second phase. A little dealing in Gem and things were started there
  • Stealthily flying to the coast Quietly Effervescing Epiphany uses his talents and skills to find someone who could sell him orichalcum or enough gold that could be smelted down for his purposes. Hunser Jo’han was the man in Paragon that could supply his needs. Successfuly cutting a seemingly impossible deal, for a large quantity of gems to be delivered within two months, Quietly Effervescing Epiphany left for Gem post haste on his speedy cloud trapeze.
  • Once back in Gem he made sure that the huge wagon he arranged for would be assembled in time. A few weeks later he had the required goods packed in crates and waiting to be loaded. Another week and the wagon was done, loaded and he had a team of men pull it out into the desert with Oxen. Once they had left, he summoned the Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation. Directing it to the prearranged location, outside of Paragon, its voyage had begun. A week later it arrived and a few days after that so did Hunser. He brought with him the team of Oxen that Quietly Effervescing Epiphany had requested in their deal. His jaw almost fell off when he saw the wagon.
  • Once the deal was successfully concluded Quietly Effervescing Epiphany took the chests of jade and orichalcum he had garnered back to Gem. Setting up his father for life, Quietly Effervescing Epiphany made his statues, put together another jewel deal, and set off for the deep desert once again. Using Solar Sorcery, Quietly Effervescing Epiphany tamed the vast energies of the demanse capping it with a plateau on which was built a solar aspect Manse and creating his own personal Sanctuary. He then guarded it with Mirage of Protective Shelter, should anyone nearby come looking for it.
  • Through Xu’s teachings, he knew of how things used to work, how the Solar were in charge. He also knew that the Solar didn’t listen to the Sidereal, who were their advisers, and the present state of the world post-contagion was the result. Quietly Effervescing Epiphany figured out that there was little he could do based in Gem and that he must find another location nearer to the heart of things, but far enough away to be effective. He chose Marita, well up the Yellow River.
  • Once again he had a load of jewels, a few cut and the others uncut, that he could use to buy, trade, and barter. Once again he summoned the Swift Spirit Wings of Transportation and flew off to a location near Marita. The trip was a long one with the desert, then mountain, then forests passing beneath him and his huge cart with handlebars. Once there he set up his own little shop for selling gems, found jewelers, and some security. In another year or two he will have to make another trip back to Gem, but a message to his father will be able to get things rolling on that end for his eventual return.
  • Meanwhile Quietly Effervescing Epiphany has been looking for another location to expand into. In this case it is Great Forks to which he has traveled. He has only spent a few days in the city, but everyone that he has met has been more than cooperative.


Energetic, outgoing, and likable. Knows when not to be the life of the party and when to drive a hard bargain. Life is a negotiation!

Merits and Flaws[edit]

  • Eternal Vow 1

Goals and Motivations[edit]

  • To bring others, nations, peoples, creation, and heaven together to once again be in harmony.

Intimacies: Sorcery, Celestial Exalted, his father, others to be developed in game.

Experience Points[edit]

  • Awarded: 26
  • Spent: 16
  • 8xp Indolent Official Charm
  • 8xp Foul Air of Argument Technique
  • 16xp (Or 8?) Indolent Official Charm, Foul Air of Argument Technique: 8 Motes, 1 WP, +1 WP.