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A character for the GURPS-powered Hellboy Roleplaying Game; character created by g026r.

The character uses the standard 150-point suggestion for BPRD field agents. (100 points base, plus -40 points in disadvantages and -5 points in quirks, then the standard BPRD 60 point Patron and a -10 point Duty, for a total of 150 points.)


Erm. It's Hellboy. Find monsters and take care of them. The good Sister probably isn't going to make much of a combat character though; she'd be better suited for a more investigative (or maybe even NPC) role.

Character Stats


ST 8 [-15]; DX 7 [-20]; IQ 14 [45]; HT 9 [-10].

Speed 4; Move 4.
Dodge 4; Parry 5 (Judo).


Extra Fatigue +3 [12]; Extra Hit Points +3 [15]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Patron (BPRD, 15 or less) [60]; Psychometry 50 [40] (Limitations: Touch Only, -20%); Reputation 2 (As a nun) [10]; Single-Minded [5]; Strong Will +3 [12].


Bad Sight (Correctable) [-10]; Duty (To BPRD, 12 or less) [-10]; Sense of Duty (All living things) [-15]; Pacifism (Self-defense only) [-15].


Meticulously clean; Speaks French when flustered; Shows little concern for official Church dogma; Inordinately fond of cats; Collects heretical texts. [-5]


Judo-8 [8]; Occultism-15 [6]; Psychometry-15 [6]; Research-16 [6]; Teaching-14 [2]; Theology-16 [8]; Writing-14 [2].


English-13 [1]; French (native)-14 [0]; Latin-14 [2].

Character Description

Sister Ann-Marie is an elderly French nun currently "on loan" to the BPRD. Having taken her vows as a young woman, her first several years years were far from unusual. The spontaneous manifestation of her psychic ability was, as such, completely unexpected when it did arrive. Worried that her mutterings about demons would potentially taint the newer members of the convent, she was assigned solitary tasks and often was left to tend to the convent library. With the increased profile of the BPRD, her Mother Superior saw a way to rid herself of a potentially troublesome charge, and Sister Ann-Marie found herself in possession of a special dispensation permitting her to travel to America in order to assist the Bureau in "holding back the machinations of the Evil One".

The sister is a short elderly woman, her gray hair concealed under the traditional habit of her order. She speaks English with a heavy French accent, and is prone to dropping into the latter language entirely when excited or flustered. In between missions she can usually be found studying some of the various Medieval (and older) religious texts available to the Bureau. Having long since exhausted the more Orthodox of them, she has developed a particular interest in ones evidencing more heretical lines of thought.

Though her age makes her eligible for Dr. Hoffman's staff psychics, she has stubbornly refused to be assigned to the follow-up team and insists on remaining a field agent.


I'm reminded again that I hate doing up GURPS characters on paper, as I always make an arithmetic error at some point. Thank god for spreadsheets to double-check with, is all I'll say.