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Wan Tai She
Rank 4 Warrior

Hardiness +10 (Focus: Chi Breath)
Tactics+10 (Battlefield analysis)
Inspire +5
Stealth+5 "Another face in the crowd"
Wu Wei +5
Disadvantage: Heretical Buddhist
Disadvantage: Registered martial artist

Benevolence 4 Ferocity 1
Force 3 Individualism 2
Honor 3 Obsession 1
Loyalty 4 Revenge 2
Righteousness 3 Ruthlessness 2

Kung Fu:
Boundless prosperity manual:
1. Retain balanced nature
2. Act without resistance
3. Fortifying yourself against the world
4. Five elements supreme combination
Lessons in humility 5D

Subtle Force
Correct approach 1D

Little Forest Sect 3E
Status 3E
Iron Palm 2E
Buddhism 1E
Beggar Brotherhood 3E

Normal 11, Cultivation 5
Wood 2, Cultivation 9

Chi Threshold:13 and 18 without and with armour, respectively.
Chi Deviation:
"Your behavior can’t be pessimistic. The glass is always half full, everybody deserves a second chance, and the most dire odds are still worth a try."

Combat approach:
"When you act to prevent or minimize the suffering in the world, you act without thought, without excessive motions, achieving a lot while moving a little. Your tactic is fuelled by your compassion, granting you a +10 to your rolls".

Combat stats:
Speed +10
Footwork +15
Strike +10
Damage +5
Block +5
Toughness +5

Secret Arts:
Secret Arts of the Warrior
The secret art of battle
Passions and Inspirations

Extraordinary Courtier Techniques
Introduction to Medical Conditions
Extraordinary Medical Techniques
The Warrior’s Art

Extraordinary Warrior Techniques Unassailable Battle-Saint Technique 5D

Once, Wan registered as required in order to obtain permission to train in basic self-defence. Truth is, he had seen the fight between a Blade Dog and an Eagle Talon, and was deeply moved by the extreme skill of both participants, so he wanted to at least learn the basics of such marvellous skills!
It all began as simple curiosity, and look where it got him. Some would consider this an admonishment against excess curiosity. Others would say it proves nothing worthy is ever achieved without curiosity, as it fuels the hard work and risk-taking. The truth of such matters is always in the eye of the beholder!
At the practice, he met a Shifu, although he didn't know her to be a master. She was there for her own reasons, under a different identity. But for some reason, he caught her eye! Why?
Even with an orthodox master, this question might be hard to answer. And she was a heterodox member of Jianghu. She had to, in order to be a master of the Small Forest sect! So she was a master of the Small Forest sect the sect wouldn't admit existed. That attitude, needless to say, wasn't giving her any incentive to stick to the canon of the sect.
Some would even say she taught him because she wanted a new partner that wouldn't get her sick with his lack of Cultivation. That's technically true, but Wan refuses to believe it.
That's how his journey in the Jianghu began, a few years ago. Since then, the two of them had joined the ranks of the Plain Clothes division of the Beggar Fraternity. It was only natural, since she was teaching him the Boundless prosperity manual, a style the Fraternity has long held in high esteem.
His record is still with the authorities, though. It means guards might pester him with questions whenever some drunk gets killed in a brawl by someone unknown, because how do you know it wasn't a martial artist?
Well, any guard would probably know, because if it took quite a while to kill off a drunken guy, it wasn't a martial artist. (Unless he was fighting another martial artist who was also a Drunken Fist master). But even with the truth being obvious, he still makes a prime target to blackmail for bribes. Due to the registration, this didn't really change even after he moved to another city.

Training Montage:
"You move too much, yet too little. And of course, it leads to you achieving nothing in the end!"
Her statement took Wan by surprise. Why were they learning all those moves, if not to perform them? And what was too little?
But his Shifu wasn't moving, only her raven-black hair was. Which is to say, she was in the exactly same pose she was in before hitting and tripping him down. The only difference was, she was a couple cun from her initial place.
"You move your top too much, when necesary and when not, losing focus for when you should. Your bottom stays at the same place. Against an amateur, your style works, for you were diligent. Yet against an experienced opponent, it's worthless!"
He rose and bowed. She was in one of her...dangerous moods, he had learned to call them, while they were living together. It meant she was unhappy with his progress, and had decided to implement something new to speed it up.
It often was a process that hurt. Yet Wan didn't mind it, as she seldom hiurt him too much - and he always learned as a result.
"I think I should tie your hands together first", she removed her sash and put it around his elbows, fastening them together. "You'll learn to act with less, and when you have them both free... you'll see you don't need them". He was preparing how to adapt his moves... qinna was going to be much harder now, though not impossible. And some stances were actually going to be reinforced. Which was always nice, even when your palms are like iron.
"That deals with your excessive motion. And now, you've got to stop your beggar-brothers, or they're going to beat you for real this time!"
She had never before included other people in their practise. Well, almost never. She most certainly hasn't done so for a while!
Yet here were the three beggars, advancing in a formation towards him. A staff, a sword, and an unarmed combatant leading the charge?
He needed to move away. Yet his attempts to go back and counter were parried almost effortlessly by the staff, helping the unarmed warrior. And his moves were restricted!
Soon, he was down on the ground, although he hasn't suffered too much injuries.

"Again", his Shifu ordered them. Wan rose, and attempted another approach. Attacking the unarmed wielder, he caught him between two stances, and actually dropped him. But then he tried to follow on his success, and once again, the staff tripped him, while the sword dealt a shallow, yet painful cut.
His Shifu ordered, and not a single one of the four wanted to make her angry. So they went at it again. But Wan knew by this time: not even the power of the Iron Palm would be enough to overpower three opponents. Not until he learned much more about the Boundless prosperity, maybe. So he did the only thing he could. He started avoiding them, waiting for someone in the formation to lose his rhythm. By doing so, the man would also disrypt their synchronous moves.
While doing so, Wan started to feel like a passive observer. Attack... Wan dodges, and it's him dodging, yet he was doing nothing! Another attack, same thing happens.
The first time someone actually lost their rhythm, Wan moved past him, and the iron palms brushed the man's chest. Then he kept moving aside, while the man was coughng.The other two covered him, but the formation limited them just as much as his tied hands limited him. He was waiting for another oppening. Which actually presented itself soon enough.
Then he kept circling. When pushed into a corner of the big practice room, he just waited, not trying in vain to escape. Instead, he waited for an opening to use his palm - just once.
Once was enough to clear him the path which he was currently was lacking.
And then the battle was over, and Wan looked at his teacher.
He wasn't sure whether he had also achieved the transcendence Boundless prosperity was hinting about. But he knew he had achieved something. His shifu was smiling. She approached him and gave him the prize he expected - a kiss on the lips. She was keen on handling such prizes when he earned them.
"Now your palm is subtle indeed, and moving like water! Your palm isn't my palm, and this shows I was a good teacher. But you should name it!" He removed her sash from his elbows, and returned the smile.
"I'll think about a name!"