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=== Rising Conflict ===
=== Rising Conflict ===
Tommy’s father died in a warehouse accident; insurance and workers’ comp denied the claim, and the lawyer who sued them for the MacNees swindled them out of most of the money. Tommy started running with the K&A Gang, first doing errands and holding the bag, then taking on more and more responsible positions as he proved himself alert and competent. At the age of 17, Tom (no longer Tommy) MacNee made his bones. He rose through the ranks until he was in charge of the K&A’s relationship with the Scarfo crime family, then took over the entire operation when Patrick Sheehy was assassinated by the Kielbasa Posse in 2007, and fought that war to its conclusion. By 2014, Black Tom MacNee was an infamous and feared figure in Philadelphia, with direct influence as far away as Boston and Atlanta, and name recognition throughout the US.
'''Aspect:''' “Infamous Kingpin”
=== First Adventure ===
=== First Adventure ===

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This is a PC for the Dresden Files RPG game Bucket Trip.

Wayne T. Morrison

Templates: Wizard
Powers: The Sight (–1), Soulgaze (–0), Evocation (-3), Thaumaturgy(-3), Wizard's Constitution (-0), Refinement (-1), Refinement (-1)
Adjusted Refresh: 1


High Concept: “Reclusive Novelist-slash-Magus”
Trouble: “Fame Brings Trouble”
Background: “???”
Rising Conflict: “???”
First Adventure: “???t”
Guest Starring: ???
Guest Starring Redux: ???


Superb (+5): Discipline
Great (+4): Lore, Conviction
Good (+3): Endurance, Performance, Scholarship
Fair (+2): Resources, Empathy, Investigation, Presence
Average (+1): Stealth, Weapons, Guns, Deceit, Alertness

Mortal Stunts


English (native)


Fate Points: 5





Noteworthy Possessions

a big ol' Winnebago





Rising Conflict



First Adventure

Red Court Vampires in control of the Philadelphia police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau begin a systematic purge of the K&A’s police contacts at the same time that the Kielbasa Posse makes another run at control of Northeast Philly. Of course, the White Court is more than happy to lend a hand to the K&A—as is Downbelow… Can Black Tom fight simultaneous supernatural and mortal gang wars without having to sell his soul to the highest bidder?

Aspect: “All-In on the Cards I’m Dealt”

Guest Starring


Guest Starring Redux


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