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A character for Elric!, created by Screen Monkey.

A travelling troubadour/come adventurer..


Elric! One of the later editions of the Stormbringer game, and a nice variant of BRP. It has a lot of the features I like about Runequest, and misses a lot of the features I don't like about Runequest. I think Stormbringer or Elric! are good games to base a generic fantasy game on. I like the name Stormbringer a lot better than Elric! though. Elric! sounds like a musical.


A travelling and adventuring campaign throughout the Young Kingdoms. Wealgud is probably going to be quite handy in city and political adventures.

Character Stats

Personal Information

Adventurer Name: Wealgud of the Purple Towns
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Homeland: The Purple Towns
Adventurer Occupation: Troubadour

Chaos: 0 Balance: 2 Law: 0


Strength (STR): 14
Constitution (CON): 12
Size (SIZ): 12
Intelligence (INT): 15
Power (POW): 13
Dexterity (DEX): 17
Appearance (APP): 14


Idea: 75%
Luck: 65%
Dex: 85%
Charisma: 70%
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Hit Points: 12
Magic Points: 13
Distinctive Features: Long, braided red hair.


Art: 65%
Bargain: 95%
Craft (Singing):35%
Disguise: 35%
Evaluate: 35%
Fast Talk: 95%
Oratory: 65%
Speak Purple Towner: 85%
Speak Lormyrian: 20%
Young Kingdoms: 20%




Broadsword: 105% 1D8+1+1D4


Riding Tack
Riding Horse (Elmenn)
Silver ring gifted from Father (worth 10 bronze)
Half Plate and Mail armour
90 Bronze coins

Character Description

An otherwise nondescript man, Wealgud sports a head of bright red hair, tied into viking-like braids. Wealgud travels the young Kingdoms, telling tales and sagas, sometimes singing, and sometimes hiring on as a hired sword. He is a good warrior, and he will fight, but his heart is in the telling of tales. His joy in adventuring comes not from his accomplishments, but in his telling of them after.


This is the first character I've rolled for Elric! and it is a good solid system. Everyone who shows up to an Elric! game can be assured of creating a competent character who, while randomly rolled, can reflect the players interests and focus. This chargen proces seems to take the best of Runequest and Call of Cthulhu and blend them together.