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A character for Paranoia XP (that is still what this edition is called, right?), created by psychojosh13.


I'm sorry, you must have mistaken this for a more serious game...

Character Stats

Service Group: Production, Logistics, & Commissary

  • Service Firm: Food Vat Control

Secret Society: Humanists (1st degree)
Mutant Power: Pyrokinesis


Management: 6

  • Specialties: Hygiene 10, Moxie 10
  • Weaknesses: Con Games 1, Oratory 1

Stealth: 4
Violence: 8

  • Specialty: Energy Weapons 12

Hardware: 4

  • Specialties: Mechanical Engineering 8, Habitat Engineering 8
  • Weakness: Nuclear Engineering 1

Software: 9
Wetware: 4

  • Specialties: Bioweapons 8, Make HotFun Formula 341 Taste 10% Even Better 10
  • Weakness: Cloning 1

What a neat atirlce. I had no inkling.

Personal Equipment

ME Card (945cr in account)
Laser pistol
Red coveralls
1300-series PDC
Instant Cleans-O-Spray (1 can)
Plasticord (5 meters)

Character Background

Weall-R was recently promoted after he turned in a fellow food vat worker for stealing ingredients which Weall had set aside for, um, official orders. Having gotten that one taste of justice, he now looks forward to doling out a whole lot more as a loyal representative of Friend Computer. And with the higher clearance level, maybe he can get access to some new ingredients to make his (and, of course, everyone else's) food so much more enjoyable. Yes, of course he was enjoying it before. He just wants to increase his happiness, that's all. No, there's no need for IntSec to get involved; is this interview done yet?


To begin with, I'm disappointed that the current edition of Paranoia seems to have done away with the pun names; what's the point of having such a strange and strict naming system if you're not going to make a joke out of it? Other than that I thought this was simple enough. It was my first time making a character for XP (my previous experience being limited to 5th ed, and mostly pregens at that), and I had little trouble except for the really open-ended stuff, like the narrow skill. Random rolls were used wherever available, and when play style mattered I defaulted to Classic.