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Will is a character for Jared Sorenson's humorous occult-investigation role-playing game InSpectres. Only a character has been provided, rather than a character and a franchise.


Will would work best in a campaign with a small franchise operation. It's doubtful he'd have been hired at a larger branch of the company, though there's nothing specifically that prevents this from happening if a GM or player wants it. He fills in both the tech and academic roles, but would not do well on a team without social or physical characters.

Character Stats[edit]

Personal Information[edit]

Name: Wilson Brandon Stone
Aliases: Will, Willy, Brand
Date of Birth: 07/03/89
Next of Kin: Ellen Stone


Academics: 3
Athletics: 1
Technology: 4
Contact: 1
Talent: Conspiracy theories (Has an innate knowledge and understanding of conspiracy theories, their organization, artifacts, etc.)

Character Background[edit]

Wilson Brandon Stone dropped out of college after one year. (Actually, he flunked out but he won't admit that. Something about having to hand in assignments, regardless of the fact that they were clearly wastes of his time and talents.) Unemployed and no longer able to rely on his parents for support, he found himself in need of a job so that he could make rent and afford food.

Turning up his nose at the prospect of working retail like the peons, and somehow unable to get an office job ("They just weren't capable of recognizing genius."), he happened across a help-wanted ad for the local branch of the InSpectres paranormal-management corporation. Maybe it was his obvious technical know-how, or maybe nobody else showed up, but somehow he got the job.

That was almost a year ago. Turns out it wasn't as glamorous as he thought. No saving the world. No headlines and fame. Instead, it's helping Uncle Jack's shade out of the attic so that the family can sleep. But it puts food on the table; it pays rent; it keeps his beat-up car on the road.

And besides, could you think of a better place from which to investigate the secret occult conspiracy that's controlling the world?


Now this was a nice and simple character to make. I wish all of them could be like this.