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A character for NWoD: Mage, created by Thanatos02.

All of my characters follow the same basic rules, as noted here, though I don't expect anybody else to follow them. All of the characters are starting characters as outlined in the books. In generic books where a setting is assumed, I build a character that would fit in the setting. Where no setting is assumed, I build towards the contemporary era as the setting allows. In games that have no set point values or start character generation rules, I'll list specific guidelines built towards my assumptions of a 'beginning' or starting character.

My rules regarding fat-splats or series of games that utilize the same core mechanics is that when rules create suitably diverging types of characters, I'll construct one per setting I own. (For example, using Exalted, Dragon-Blooded and Solars are sufficiently different. In OMage, Order of Hermes and a Hollow One are not sufficiently different. In games with classes, different classes are not enough. They must essentially be different characters. Other people's opinions on what are different 'enough' really arn't my area of expertise. I build in good faith.)

In any event, should the character posted not be according to the assumed structure of the Challenge Wiki, it will be alter shortly, and was probably the result of a time crunch. Thanks! I hope you have as much fun with this as I did. ^_^


Xi was designed assuming the usual troupe or party dynamic, and if you'll noticed, he's got dots in background that one would assume his clique would pool because they're so useful and it's easy to get a good rating just by chipping in a little bit. It's possible to drop those assumptions and just go with his own ratings, though.

His cabal is already filled in. These are 'default' names that are easy to change, if one wishes. It's assumed that in this campaign the character begins with bare minimum status. He's accepted, but these points arn't paid for because they're typically given in the course of play. This is the same kind of assumption that allows for a Legacy (which costs no points to buy, just story consideration) and High Speech merits due to organizational ties.

Character Stats

Name: Petri Hallister
Shadow Name: Xi
Age: 23
Player: K Weston
Concept: Ascetic Monk
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Envy
Path: Mastigos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Cabal: Doctrine of Peace
Legacy: Perfected Adept

Intelligence: **
Wits: ***
Resolve: ****

Strength: **
Dexterity: **
Stamina: ***

Presence: **
Manipulation: *
Composure: ***

Mental (-3 unskilled)
Investigation: *
Medicine: ** ! (First Aid)
Occult: *

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics: *** !
Brawl: *** (Kung-Fu)
Stealth: **
Survival: *
Weaponry: ** (Spear)

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken: *
Empathy: **
Intimidation: ** !
Streetwise: **

Defense: 2
Size: 5
Health: 8
Initiative: 6
Wisdom: 7
Speed: 9
Willpower: *******

Meditative Mind: *
High Speech: *
Hallow: * (Shared)
Fighting Style: Kung-Fu: ***
Sanctum: * (Shared)
Status (Order): *
Status (Consilium): *

Life: **
Mind: ** !
Prime: *
Space: !

Gnosis: *
Mana: ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )

Pulse of the Living World *
Third Eye *
Mental Shield **
Supernal Vision *
Dispel Magic *

Year Round Buss Pass

Normal Spear: 3 (L), Size 4, Cost *, +1 Defense

'!' Indicates Favored Skills or Arcana

Character Description

Even though I mostly wanted to do a couple of arch-typical characters for settings (easy to pick up, easy to play), Xi turned out a little different due to a minor conflict between my idea of a mind-focused monk type and the central assumptions of the game. The Perfect Adepts are NWoD's idea of the Akashic Brothers from OMage, which was fine with me, but it meshed kind of funny with my idea of a ascetic Mastigos.

There are good reasons for this. In the game fluff, it's assumed that Mastigos manipulate the vices they place at the center of their cosmology. Xi is trying to transcend them via the path of the ascetic martial artist. Given he's a Mastigos, he's set out to be a combatant who strives to focus his mind and body, but he's a little more 'trickster-y' then your average martial artist. I decided it was a fun idea, if not the most focused. So, that's the NPC you get. Front-loaded for game concepts, I hope.


A lot of my commentary can be found above. Conflict between concept and game, yadda. I think the mechanics do a fine job of laying out the assumptions of the game fluff. It's a feature, not a bug, ect.

If you want to strip off everything that wasn't bought with points (in case you feel it's cheating for them to be there), do the following:
* Remove all 'shared' tags.
* Remove all Status Merits. (He's unrecognized)

Legacy and Cabal are not purchased with points.