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= Campign

In "Cartoon Action Hours" campigns are series. The follow is a Warbot for the fictional series, "Transbots", about the heroical Transbots battle to stop the evil Warbots.


Name: Annoyance Tagline: "Annoying Warbot Tank" Series: "Transbots"

Hurt Points = 40 Size = Very Large Oomph = 1 Stunt Points = 1

Story Hooks:

Very Annoying -- Moderate Clumsy -- Moderate Short Temper -- Moderate


Armed Combat = 2 Armor = 3 Athletics = -2 Body = 2 Coordination = -2 Ranged Combat = 3 Speed = -4 Stealth = -4 Unarmed Combat = 2 Computers = 1 Demolitions = 2 Willpower = 2 Appearance = -2

Special Abilities:

Nightmare Tank (TSA, Power Level: None) Annoyance can transform himself into a huge monster of a tank--thought he has only one weapon. Mode of Travel: Land Traits = Armor = 3 Body = 4 (3) Manenuverability = 1 Speed = -4 Stealth = -4 Survival = 2 Appearance = -4 Weapons Cannon (DR 7 + 2; Vehicle Class; Charges, Minor; Disturbance, Major [very loud]) Size: Large VMD: 10 Total SCP: 19 SCPs Total CPs: 20 CPs

Energy Sword (OSA, Power Level: Medium) This close combat weapon is a made of pure nergy. It can cut thought thick armor and cause a lot of damage DR: 7 + Body Range: Point Blank BonusL Armor Piering 6 Bonus: Collapsible Bonus: Vechicle Class Restriction: Item Total CPs: 20 CPs

Reaeating Blaster Rifle (OSA, Power Level: Medium) This is a medium-sized firearm that fires a stream of laser-enhanced slugs. DR: 8 + 2 Range: Long Range Bonus: Vehicle Clas Restriction: Item Total CPs: 24

Total CPs: 150 CPs



Annoyance is a dark green and dark gray Warbot.


Depsite being so clumsy, you won't want to take Annoyance angry. Annoyance has a short temper and he will stop at nothing to get revenge on the person or Transbots that make his temper--much to Vandal's annoyance. Usually, he gets to discover by the Transbots when he stomps off to do a mission for Vandal.


Not much to go on--Annoyance has been recently created by Maximillian Mercy. Rumors works from High-Tech Concepts claims that M.M. has gotten tired of Backfire's cowardness.


One of my favorite type of series are robotical forces like "Transformers" & "Gobots". This was done pretty quick. I'm guess a hour to do so.