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In this campagin, the Player Characters are superheroes in the Marvel Universe where they can meet up with familiar heroes (I.E. Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man) and villains (I.E. Green Goblin, Loki and Dr. Doom). The following is Calra, a new hero.


Name: Calra Height: 6’2’’ Weight: 210 lbs Eye: Green Hair: Red Species: Metahuman


Intelligence: 5 Strength: 6 Agility: 6 Speed: 2 Duality: 6


Acrobatics (LV 5) Close Combat (LV 5) Ranged Combat (LV 2) Flight (LV 3) General Knowledge (LV 2) Social Skills (LV 3)

Health Stones: 6 Energy Stones: 12


Background: One day in my Mt. Olympic, Zeus talk too much about Hercules that it annoyed Hera. Hera decides to shut Zeus up for good by creating her own heroine. She found an honorable person and helped her--if only if name the first daughter, Calra. The person honored Hera's offer so well, and even name Hera godmother to the child. Calra life was normal for a Grecian. On her sixteen birthdays, Hera granted Calra’s powers to her and given her a mission to kill Hercules. She hunted Hercules down--but at this point, Heracles was dead (In reality, a Zeus-made magic comma that kept him alive until the present. Zeus didn’t tell Hera about this until Hercules appeared in the 20th century.) Hera sent her on 12 labors of her own. Her final mission was to put the Pandora Box in Gaia’s deep caverns. Help by Hades, Carla did the final mission-and ended up failing a sleeping.

One day, Loki decided on opening up Pandora Box, just to find out if the Grecian myths were true. Hope fell sorry for being one of the Titans that sided with Chronos during the Titan War—and awaken Carla to prevent Loki from getting to control her. She was holding her own until Loki stated to use weapons of the other Titans that were trapped in the Pandora Box. Soon helped arrived in the form of Heracles and Thor, who defeated Loki.

Appearance: A red-hair and green-eyed Grecian woman around 16 years of old, dressed in a green flowing grown.

Personality: Pretty friendly—but can bruised up any villains that aren’t too more powerful then her with out teaming up.


I got this book via my library's website a few days ago--and took me a while to come up with a good hero idea. This hero took me about half-hour to write up.