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== Campign ==
== Campign ==

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The robot, Crystral can exist in the multi-dimisonal anime universe in on Earth, Cathedral, Enid, Imago, a Inner World or an Outworld World. She will be good for campigns with modern settings as well as the science-fiction ones. For the background, I'm assuming a world where Superheroes (both American and Japanese ones) exists


Name: Crystral Power Level: Mystical Body = 5 Mind = 5 Soul = 5


Armour = Level 5 Energy Bonus = Level 2 Flight = Level 3 (Jets in Cystral's legs) Heightened Awareness = Level 2 Hieghtened Senses = Level 2 (Hearing and Vision) Meelee Attack (Hands) = Level 2 Meelee Defence = Level 2 Special Movement - Level 5 (Fast) Superstrengh = Level 5 (15 tons) Tough = Level 3


Arcrobatics = Level 2 Animal Trainnig = Level 1 Area Known = Level 5 (Tokyo, Japan) Boating = Level 2 Climbing = Level 3 Computers = Level 3 Driving = Level 3 Electronics = Level 3 Gaming = Level 3 Languges = Level 4 (Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese)) Law = Level 2 (Tokyo, Japan) Mechanics = Level 3 Medical = Level 1 Navigation = Level 4 (Tokyo, Japan) Piloting = Level 3 Police Sciences = Level 2 Powerlifting = Level 2 Riding = Level 4 Sleight of Hands = Level 5 Steet Sense = Level 3 (Tokyo, Japanese) Swimming = Level 4


Ism = -2 (Robotism -- Only a 1% of the human race) Ism = -2 (Female) Marked = -1 (Robot opening--usually covered by Crystral's human-clothing or work-clothing) Nemsis = - 2 (Dr. Toxic, your evil mad sciencist) Significant Other = -1 (Prof. Chips, Crystral's creator) Significant Other = -1 (Mr. Chips, Prof. Chips's wife) Significant Other = -1 (Amy Chips, Crystral's human sister) Unique Defect (Hard Coding) = -2 ("Vow of Not Killing Any Humans") Wanted = -2 (The Mob)

Finishing Touches:

Combat Vaule = 5 Attack Vaule = 5 Defence Vaule = 5 Health Points = 65 Energy Points = 50


Sometime ago, Prof. Chip's daughter, Carrie "Crystral" Chip, was killed while helping Superman and Sailor Moon against Dr. Toxic, unware that Dr. Toxic had a left-over Dark Moon Driod and one of Dr. Doom's Doombots. This driod and the Doombot was able to really drain and injurged Crystral so badly that Prof. Chip wanted to bury her--but Crystral loves robot story from both American and Japanese (Astro Boy, Mega Man, Transformers, Robotech, etc.)--and asked her father to use her brain and her heart as a power source for a robot as a final wish. Prof. Chip argeed--and put in a robotical frame.

Crystral was built as a downright copy of Carrie Chips--suprizining, Crystral was back to normal for a while--until she was able to drestory two robots builted by Dr. Toxic with out breaking sweet. She learned that she was a robot from Crystral--and Crystral become a well-known addition to the heroes of the world.

Crystral knows about the comic web from helping Green Latern and Sliver Sliver out of a jam some years ago. She hopes to write down the locations to help heroes protect them from the forces of evil.


I thought I was going to have problems with this--but I finally figure out sometime last night before going to bed.