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In "Cartoon Action Hour", a campign is a series. This is Princess Stingara, for the fictional cartoon show, "Warriors of Cosmo", about group of guardians that protect Iconia from the forces of evil.


Name: Princess Stingara Tagline: "Royal Beeiod" Series: "Warrior of the Comso"

Hurt Points = Size = Small Oomph = 2 Stunt Points = 1

Story Hooks:

Royal Princess of the Beeiods -- Major Short Temper -- Moderate


Armed Combat = 2 Athletics = 2 Body = 1 Coordination = -1 Driving = -1 Piloting = -1 Ranged Combat = 2 Riding = 1 Stealth = -1 Unharmed Combat = 3 Dectective = 1 Medical = 1 Repair = 1 Knowedlge (Beeiods) = 3 Willpower = 1 Appearance = -1 Wealth = 3

Special Abilities:

Bee-Wings (MSA, Power Level: Medium, Effect: Medium) All Beeiods have the wings on the back of their bodies as bee does. Mode of Travel: Flying (3) Total: 12 CPs

Beeiod Warrior Staff (OOSA, Power Level: Low, Effect: Medium) This is this staff is a symbol of the Beeiod people. DR: 1 + Body Bonus: Collapsible Restriction: Item Total: 5 CPs

Beeiod Quaser Laser (OSA, Power Level: Medium, Effect: Medium) This is a Quaser Laser sized for the Beeiods's small hands. It's feels just like and acts like a Small Quaser Pistol. DR: 4 + 2 Ranged: Medium Restriction: Charges, Moderate Restriction: Item Total Cost: 4 CPs

Bee Eyes (Misc. OSA, Power Level: Medium, Effect: Medium) This allows the Princess Stingara to see in every dimisonal at one. Trait Modifed A: Dectitive +1 Trait Modifed A: Percepticon +1 Total: 8 CPs

Total CP: 100 CPs



Princess Stingara appears as a normal bee woman dressed in a yellow blouse and black skirt and combat yellow boots. Her most famous feature is her bee-like eyes that cover the upper half of her face. Personality:

Princess Stingara is friendly with all of the Guardians of Iconia and to the Beeiods, her friends first and her servents second. Only four people have set off Stingara's short temper in order: Lorxan (His fault: crush on Stingara--much to her dismay); Falcor (Her fault: For asking a stupid question: Are with the Bird People or not?" -- It was not stupid to Falcor.); Galtyana (Stingara's fault: Stingara set off Galtyana's short temper by remarking that Galtyana's brain is bigger then her body), and Spyder (His fault: Beeiods hate spiders and spider-like creatures). She dislikes formal dressess and tries not to wear them at all--but she will just walk in a moppy-kind of way. All Beeiods and the Guardians of Iconia (expect Lorxan) knows to keep out of her way when she's like this.


Bored to the Queen and King of Beeiod people, she is their only children, and they were worried about her. Princess Stingara has try many time to discover the reasons--but her parents are trying to hide it. The Guardians had asked Merlis many to peer into her future--but in order to prevent a war years before Merlin meet Nekrottus, Merlis promised not to peer into the future of many Beeiods--though Stingara may be a reborth of a ancient warrior with the same name from the far past and somehow a villian that looks and sounds like Nekrottus--though the name is Sagrothara.


The fake series, "Warriors of the Cosmo",is explain in the Cartoon Action Hour: Season 1's rule book.