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To honor old cartoons shows of the 1980's in "Cartoon Action Hour", campagins are series. I created Xera, a leader of a common ally, for "Dark Bridage", a fictional show about a sercet miltary group out to drestory monsters threating the world with evil.

Characters States

Name: Xera Tagline: "Altantis Force Leader" Series: "Dark Bridage"

Hurt Points = 37 Size = Medium Oomph = 2 Stunt Points = 2

Story Hooks:

Leader of Altantis Force = Major


Armed Combat = 1 Athletics = 1 Body = 2 Ranged Combat = 1 Unharmed Combat = 2 Knowedgle = 2 (Supernatural) Knowedgle = -1 (Present Day Earth) Computers = 1 Medical = 1 Willpower = 2

Special Abilities:

Firebomb Combat Helicopter (Vechile, Power Level: Medium) Her race, the Altantisians, had some how created a decent copy off the Spitfire. It has help turn the tide against the Dark Bridage time to time. She kepts in a lake to near from from the location of New Altantis. Traits: Maneuverability = 3 Speed = 2 Body = 3 Armor = 1 Autopilot = 1 Crew = 2 Computer = 0 Perception = 1 Travel Mode: Air Size: Very Large Capacity: 2 enclsed Structure Points: 120 Story Hooks: None Weapons Messiles (DR 4+2; Vehicle Class; Long Range, Armor Piercing 2; Item, Charges, Moderate) Machine Guns (DR 2 +2; Vehicle Class; Medium Range; Burst Fire; Item, Charges, Minor; Disruption, Minor [Lound]) SA cost: 18 CP (40 SCP)

Total CP: 75 CP



Xera appears a normal red hair woman with dressed in a flowing green dress.


Xera is serious to a fault. She is leader of the only offical ally of the Dark Bridage, "The Altantis Force". Xera has no clue how the world change since Altantis sank years ago.


Years ago, Altantis sunk--but Xera and a few of her friends were able to get to what would be South Africa some time ago. Xera was worried about the future, Altantis was sunk by the forces of evil years ago. Xera and her friends take time to move to a island off the coast of Mascar--and set up a new idea.

Of coursing being near Aisa, means they meet the Order of The Peace Dragon and the Order of Charr time to time. Presently, Hunter and Warfang had attempt a few times to force the Altantisians to join them--unknown to the Brother of Death, that the Altantisians hates evil doers--but the Altantis Force and the Dark Bridage force them time to time.


I was getting mad that Eve X and The Order of the Peace Dragon didn't really like the Dark Bridage--so I made a friendly leader of some more friendly allies.