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Pietr :: Cleric :: Arcana Domain


Base Matrix

Ht: 5'10" | Wt: 160 lbs | Hair: Blond | Eyes: Blue | Lv: 2 | Aln: N |


STR 10 / +0 Save (+0) || DEX 14 / +2 Save (+2) || CON 12 / +1 Save (+1)
INT 16 / +3 Save (+3) || WIS 16 / +3 Save (+5) || CHA 8/ -1 Save (+1)


Proficiencies: [Proficiency Bonus +2]

Arcana (Expert) [+7]
History (Expert) [+7]
Religion [+5]
Perception [+5]
Investigation [+5]
Nature [+5]
Insight [+5]
Medicine [+5]


Acrobatics [+2]
Athletics [+0]
Animal Handling [+3]
Intimidation [-1]
Performance [-1]
Persuasion [-1]
Deception [-1]
Sleight of Hand [+2]
Stealth [+2]
Survival [+3]




AC 16, 19 with shield | HP 15 | Hit Dice: 2d8 | Initiative Modifier +2

Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach
Mace +2 1d6 N/A Dagger +4 1d4+2 20'


Skill Expertise x 2 Your mastery of skills gives the following benefits:

+1 Intelligence X 2
Proficiency in Investigation and Perception
Expertise in Arcana and History

Racial Features [Variant Human]

Size: Medium

Speed: 30

Variant Human: +1 to Wisdom and Dexterity, Skill Expertise feat, Medicine skill, Common and Elvish languages

Class Features

Domain: Arcana | Diety: Six Faced God |

Arcane Initiate

Arcana skill, Firebolt and Prestidigitation Cantrips

Channel Divinity

1/rest usage of Turn Undead(Undead within 30 feet must make a DC 13 Wisdom save or flee) or Arcane Abjuration(One fiend, celestial, fey or elemental within 30 feet must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or flee).

Spellcasting Logistics

Spell Slots: L1 | 3 per long rest

Spell DC: 13

Spell Att Mod: +5


Fire Bolt 120' [A] +5 spell attack, 1d10 Fire
Prestidigitation 10' [A] [1 hour] Various minor effects
Spare The Dying Touch [A] Stabilizes 0 HP target
Guidance Touch [A] [Concentration, up to 1 minute] Target gains +1d4 on one ability check
Light Touch [A] [1 hour] Object sheds bright light in 20' area and dim light in a further 20' area

Spells Memorized

Bless 30' [A] [Concentration, up to 1 minute] Up to three targets gain +1d4 to attacks and saves
Cure Wounds Touch [A] Heal target for 1d8+3 hit points
Guiding Bolt 120' [A] +5 spell attack, 4d6 Radiant, next attack against target has advantage
Command 60' [A] 13 DC Wisdom save, Target obeys one command
Magic Missile 120' [A] Three missiles, 1d4+1 Force each
Detect Magic Self [A] [Concentration, up to 1 hour] Detect magic auras within 30'

Rituals Known


Background Features [Cloistered Scholar]

Skill Proficiencies





Library Access:

Personality Trait

Reserved: Curious but reserved.


Knowledge: Nothing is more important.


Servitude: I have made oaths I must fulfill to dangerous beings.


'Flighty: Easily distracted and drawn off target.



0 gems
0 pp
10 gp
0 ep
0 sp
0 cp




Scale Mail
+1 Shield


Explorer's Pack | Holy Symbol | Scholar's Robe | Writing Kit | Cesspit of the Sea: A Scholar's Guide to Freeport

Magic Items

+1 Shield


In the frozen north the city state of Uru is known for it's colorful clothing, dark hearty bread and heavily fortified library fortresses run by a terrifying, and questionable human, group of Sorcerer Priests. Pietr was sold to them when still a baby and was raised within, wandering through dark chilly corridors stacked with discarded books, cared for by summoned demons and elementals, praying to a shrine of a six faced god whose name cannot be spoken and tutored by hooded and masked acolytes to become a Seeker, those who go out and bring new knowledge to the gluttonous minds of the Sorcerer Priests.

Given meager supplies Pietr was put on a boat to Freeport with one command: Bring back books and esoteric knowledge worthy of their investment in him or die trying.