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Common; Elven; Halfling
Elven; Dwarven Trade Tongue; Giantish

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Catherine :: Level 7 :: Half Elf :: Class Warlock - Hexblade :: Chaotic Good


I've read your erotic poetry, don't act all so high and mighty!


STR 8 -1 Save (-1) || DEX 14 ++2 Save (+2) || CON 16 +3 Save (+3)
INT 12 +1 Save (+1) || WIS 10 +0 Save (+3) || CHA 18 +4 Save (+7)

Skills and Feats


Sleight of Hand +5 (urchin)
Stealth +5 (urchin)
Disguise Kit - Tool (urchin)
Thieves Tools - Tool (urchin)
Deception +7 (warlock)
Investigation +4 (Warlock)
Perception +3 (Half Elf)
Performance +7 (Half Elf)
Proficiency Bonus +3


Feat Name
Feat Description


Elven; Dwarven Trade Tongue; Giantish


AC 17 | HP 59 | HD D8
Initiative Modifier +2
Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach Weapon To Hit Damage Range/Reach
Hexblade +8 2d6+5 Heavy,2-Handed Dagger +2 1d4+2 Finese, light, thrown(20/60)
Weapon 0 0d0+0 20' Weapon 0 0d0+0 20'
Weapon 0 0d0+0 20' Weapon 0 0d0+0 20'

Magic - Saving Throw 15

Spell Slots



Eldrict Blast
Chill Touch

Spell List

1 -Armor of Agathys
1- Hex
2 - Darkness
2 - Mirror Image
3 - Enemies Abound
3 - Blink
4 - Staggering Smite

Racial Features

Dark Vision 60 Feet; Advantage on Charm Saving Throws; Magic Cannot Put to Sleep; Proficiency in 2 Skills of Choice;

Class Features

Proficiency Light Armor; Proficiency Simple Weapons; Other Worldly Patron (The Cursed Sword); Hexblade Curse; Hex Warrior(Medium Armour, Shields, Martial Weapons, Use Cha Bonus for attack and damage); Invocations (Devil's Sight, Improved Pact Weapon, Thirsting Blade, Eyes of the Rune Keeper); Pact of the Blade; Accursed Specter;

Background Features

Catherine is an Urchin. She was a member of the Beggars Guild. As such she knows what it is like to be hungry and despised. She did not have much back then, before the Curse Sword Chose her. A map of the city, a pair of rings on a chain, supposedly her parents wedding rings. She knows a secrets of the cities, and can read the patterns and find the passages in the urban sprawls of the world.



2 Daggers


Armour - Half Plate
Shield - None


Arcane Focus | Dungeoneers Pack | Blanket | Bed Roll
Tent | 4 vials antitoxin | Clothing Common | Clothing Fine
Clothing Traveling | 100 feet Silk Rope | Climbing Kit | Water Skin
20 Arrows | Quiver | Healers Kit | Mess Kit
5 days of rations | Item | Item | Item

Magic Items

Bag of Holding
Ring of Free Action



Catherine is an Urchin, once a member of the Rat Kings Beggars Guild.

Personality Trait: I ask a lot of questions

Ideal: Respect. All people rich or poor, deserve respect

Bond: No one else should have to endure the hardships I've been through

Flaw: I'm not stealing if I need it more than someone else

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