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Dr. Aaron "Doc" Wilson[edit]

Dr. Wilson started out life as a medical student who'd gotten an easy ride from his rich parents. After graduating from Cornell, he got snapped up by Ares for doing medical research. He ended up in a field position in Africa testing on soldiers fighting the desert corp wars. Typically, he'd be at a base camp or a safe zone to administer new treatments or augmentations, but there were several instances when he got caught up in combat. Despite his speciality in experimental medicine, he took to triage and first aid well. Even the weapons fire stopped bothering him much after the third time.

Eventually, Dr. Wilson managed to get out of Africa and back to the UCAS, becoming involved in more research oriented pursuits than practical medicine. Wilson was changed by the thrill of combat and the freedom to work as he saw fit back in Africa. Red tape was almost non-existent back then, he just needed to get results. After several incidents involving "lack of respect for authority", especially with regards to administrative procedure, he left Ares. Reaching out to colleagues and contacts, he found a backer who would allow him much more leeway with his medical research in return for solid results. He was provided a clinic in the Redmond barrens and an operating stipend along with a contingent of heavily armed drones and turrets. He has been there for several years since and his employer has been pleased thus far.

Doc's the kind of guy you do business with. Only business. -J

I was going in to get a few upgrades for my arm one day when a gang of maybe a dozen toughs were looking to make a name for themselves. They rode up all show and popped a few shots into Doc's place. I hit the deck but he didn't even budge. I guess he was busy with something. All of a sudden, I hear what sounds like the loudest fart in the world for a few seconds before it all goes quiet. I looked outside and saw a lot of red on the street mixed with bike parts. Most of the gangers looked like they were made of ground beef. Apparently one survived and he got carried in by the locals. -Wizgig