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Casey Lin was the pilot who Celine failed - or, more accurately, the pilot that failed Celine.

She didn't trust anyone, not her anchor, not herself: her body belonged to everyone, her heart no one, and this casual attitude killed her when Ethan, AND Jon, AND Lily collectively broke up with her for her indiscretions after they compared notes and Ethan found out, to his enduring shock, that Casey, Jon and Lily were with each other by mutual agreement: Jon's general honesty with Lily made it a happen much faster than Casey anticipated. I am basing this on Phaint's character assignments: feel free to disagree. - Bliss Authority Celine begged Sara, in the face of imminent attack, to let her fly anyway. Against her better judgement, Sara agreed. That mission killed her, though not before she did serious damage... while dying a screaming death, deep in Id Mode (described in the main rules).

Jon doesn't lose (much) sleep over this, seeing it as a cautionary tale against not discussing what "cheating" means: It... pains him that his mother has taken this as further proof that polyamory cannot work, and while she doesn't openly disapprove of Jon's actions, the tension is there. Hattori, Chessy - Work out Ethan and Lily's opinions. - Bliss Authority

Originally a character to be played by Phaint: Phaint's concepts are kept here for posterity.

The basics[edit]

  • Daughter of Anna Lin and brother to Archer
  • Sexual
  • Emotionally hardened
  • Brilliant

The rest[edit]


Almost on a daily basis, she careens from nihilism to slim hope, tightly grasped. She considers herself an instrument of the world's salvation, if she can save it and yet, she tries to save the world because it gives her life meaning.


Casey had developed a morbid sense of humor. She only fully reveals herself to Karen. The break between herself and her brother, Archer soured her. (That happened six months ago.) She sleeps around, seducing and allowing others access to her body. The other parts of her, nothing.


Slender, hard-muscled, with a short-cropped henna-dyed red hair. Casey gives you her full attention, with eyes you could not hope to outstare. She makes her face mask-like and impassive, though when a smile breaks through, it melts hearts. She has a girl of about 9, Karen, an orphan as a surrogate daughter/younger sister.


  • 4 / 2 - Jon Smith - Jon, Jon Jon Jon. The boy I play like a violin so he can the best he can be as a Pilot. Whether or not he knows this.
    • Siren song. A mesmerizing and devastating symphony of light and sound, luring the enemies near so as to kill them.
  • 4/ 1 - Ethan - He called me the first girl he ever did anything with, he said. Nothing since. Keeps to himself.
    • Plasma flame. Blue-white and incandescent bolts fired into the night.
  • Broken (formerly 4/1) - Archer Lin - Brother. I know I broke his heart. I can't afford to think about it.
  • 3/2 - Celine - My little broken bird, wounded and she knows it. She envies me and depends on me. I feel I owe her something.
    • Singularity. The ground opens up and swallows the enemy in a localized earthquake or black hole. Lots of hairline fractures shooting away from the epicentre.
  • 3 / 2 - Karen - My daughter, the girl I protect and the girl I live for. I guard my heart against everyone except her.
    • Heavwave. Orange-red, slow-gathering, devastating everything in the area
  • 4 / 1 - (+1 Intimacy) - Lily - She helps tends the machines. Sometimes I have helped tend to her.
    • Firestorm. A localized firestorm, burning.
  • 2 / 2 - Allie - Karen's lil friend. Sweet kid. Patches us up.
    • Protective halo. A soap-bubble colored protective halo.
  • 1 / 4 - Sara Preston-Smith - Distrustful of me. Protective of her son and daughter. To which I can relate. Hides it as best she can.
    • Incendiary missiles. Like phosphorous.


  • Has gained 12 Bliss from soured relationship with brother.