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Ethan "Toolbox" Carpenter[edit]

Played by: BarGamer

In a Nutshell:[edit]

If it weren't for me, this place would fall apart in a week, nevermind what the Specials are up to, Duct-Tape knows what.

Ethan is a solid, practical kid. Years of lugging around heavy tools, climbing to wherever the job is, getting his hands dirty, and his fingers cut up, zapped, and whatever else, have given him lean muscles and calluses on top of calluses. Tired of wasting precious shampoo on oil and worse for his hair, he shaved himself bald. People joke that he used to be a white kid, but the work permanently stained his skin dark. Oh SURE, Lily and Jessica might know how to handle software and a bit of hardware, and Sophie might know how to hold her breath for a while and bring back 'the gos,' but HE'S the one who makes sure that it's all running nice and smooth. He was tested for Pilot ability, but barely failed out. Immediately after his test, he left to unclog the toilets, apparently unconcerned. What he lacks in genius he makes for in intuition and hard work. That's not to say that he doesn't have a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, he's a card-carrying member of the Church of Duct-Tape.


  • (2/4) Archer. You know exactly where you stand with him, and if you don't, he'll tell ya. Short, to the point, and no-nonsense. Great source of wisdom, if you got the time to listen.
  • Sara, his official 'unofficial boss.' When something's broken, and he either can't do it right now, or is in the rare spot of not knowing about it, she's the one who would let him have it, from the sharp edge of her tongue. Is halfway convinced he could do a better job than she could of running Treasure Island, though it would mean dealing with the Specials every day. No thank you.
  • He has a special relationship (undercase-R) with Jessica, who gets him the tools and parts he needs to do his work. And she almost always delivers. Dependable. He likes that in a girl.
  • Allie has a fine bottom, though, and has a woman's touch with a man's hurts. Wouldn't turn her down, either.
  • Alex and Anna know the value of a hard day's sweat, as does his man Vic... He's done his best work for them, many a time.
  • Jon and Lily's never treated him badly, either. Decent pair of Specials, and his blessings to their offspring. He'd build them a cradle, if they asked.