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The main character in the worst Mary Sue fic to come out of the ChildrenOfChildren fandom, caesys daughter: a beautific Touched girl of the age of 9, who saved Casey Lin's (or occasionally "Casye Lin's" or "Caesy Lin's") life by turning her from a slut to a saint. The author couldn't even keep her name straight, calling her "Karen" or "Megan" by turns: we can assume that she meant "Karen," as this was the first name of this... writer.

...or rather, that's the official explanation of why Karen / Megan is Sir Not Appearing In This Game, and Bliss Authority is sticking to it. (Isn't it sad, Kerrigan?)

The original notes for Casey's Anchor are below.

Casey's adoptive child, 9 years old. The only person so far who Casey can truly be said to to love. Karen is the only person who she shows her slim hopes and growing despair.

Karen has grown increasingly moody and prone to tantrums lately - but as the general theme of them is "Don't fly again, don't go, I don't want you to Bliss, I don't want you to die," no one really blames her.

Currently Unharmed.

Anchor ability: Tempestuous. Once per mission action, Karen's controller may re-roll any one die Casey's player has assigned to her relationship to Karen.