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She, Archer and Casey are the last three members of the Inbetween Generation - the kids that got to get to know the first generation, and understand them as people rather than faultless heroes - and she and Archer are the last two on speaking terms.

Idolizes her father, but as someone with problems who overcame them, not as an angel. The stories Sara told her were about one part unvarnished truth to one part bowlderized nostalgia. Enough of the true horror of facing the aliens got through to her that she declined to pilot, but she felt she had to help somehow and was practically Archer's sister anyway, so she went "Anchors away."

A gossamer diver, with the build of an accomplished swimmer. Half Irish (thanks, Keenan!), half san/yonsei Japanese (Thanks, Yukiko!).

What does Sophie think about Archer's relationship with Sara? - Bliss Authority

Currently unharmed.

Anchor ability: Driven. Once per mission action, Sophie's player can re-roll any one die that Archer's player has placed in Mission Progress.