Ching Shih

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Plot Points[edit]



  • Mental d8
  • Physical d8
  • Social d8


  • Scrapper d8

You’ve been in more tussles than you can count. Won most of ’em, too.

  • Intuitive d8

You ain’t a reader, not as such. But the way folk carry themselves, how they move, that’s the language you speak.

    • Now Is Not Your Time: When someone

tries to attack you the first time in a scene, spend 1 PP to instead make them set the stakes against a Social + Influence intimidation Action. If you raise the stakes, they cannot attack you until you roll a jinx.

    • Take Measure: When you come into conflict

with someone for the first time, you may attempt to size them up with a Mental + Know Action. Create a Sized Up d8 Asset if you succeed or take an Overconfident d8 Complication if you fail. Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Notice

  • Ship’s Captain

A natural leader, you’re responsible for the Crew and the ship you all fly in.

"Lead the Crew:" When one of your crew directly follows one of your orders, spend 1 PP and give that Crewmember an Asset equal to your Influence die rating.

"Protect the Crew:" When a Crewmember in the same scene as you acquires a Complication, spend 1 PP to take it away and step it back.


  • fight d12 Kung Fu, Swords
  • influence d12 leadership, Tong, Alliance.
  • survive d6
  • Focus d12 Intimidate
  • notice d10

  • know d6 Tong

  • Born: Guangzhou station.