Chloe (the Hollow)

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Chloe, the Hollow

Once upon a time a girl found a lamp and wished for infinite wishes. Unfortunately the genie in question was a trickster and ended stealing her soul as payment. But her body still works and is pretending to be the girl she used to be. Faking it til she makes it.

Look: Anxious, Flickering Eyes

Origin: Ex-Infernal

Stats: Hot -1, Cold =0, Volatile +1, Dark +1

Moves: Better Than Nothing When you gain a Condition, mark experience. A Blank Canvas When you take an action that embodies one of the Conditions that you have, and you allow that Condition to influence your sense of self, cross it off and add 1 to your roll.


Blank Canvas Conditions


Past history with Robin - he has two strings on me, I have three on him. Chris has seen through your invented past, and realized you're faking it Give them 2 Strings on you.