Chris (the Cuckoo)

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Name: Chris

Look: Eclectic; innocent eyes.

Origin: Left in a basket Stats: Hot 1, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 0



Your magic lets you pass as the person whose clothes you're wearing. When you're seen wearing someone else's clothes, but aren't yet passing, roll with hot. On a 10 up, you're passing as them - you'd fool their mother and their favorite hookup. Mark the outfit you're wearing below. On a 7-9, same as above, but choose one:

  • the magic will dissipate if you kiss or get kissed,
  • the magic will dissipate if you lash out at anyone.

While you're passing as someone, give social Conditions you receive to them instead. This won't let you avoid physical Conditions, though.

Shredding the Looking Glass

When someone suspects you're not who you appear to be, read them this: "If the enchantment were to be broken, the edges would be very sharp. You momentarily notice a gap in my magic. Choose one:

  • tear my magic away - my identity is revealed and the clothes are in tatters, but you get scratched up in the process and take 1 harm,
  • or, shake your head to clear it - it was nothing."

A Little Bird Told Me

When you blab vicious lies about someone behind their back, roll with cold. On a 10 up, give them a Condition. On a 7-9, give them a Condition, but some people don't believe you, so gain the Condition liar.