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                                                    Creating Creation

                             A Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine game of Epic Fantasy and Divine Creation

Once upon a time, reality was unreal and existence was unformed and void. There arose among the interplay of everything and nothing, beings of vast power and will. Among these Titans are;



The Sea of Consciousness

A orange sea of jellylike consistency, the Sea is a constantly inward looking hive mind. Normally inert, this mass of undifferentiated mind reacts with hostility to contact with any other consciousness. Near as outside observers can tell it seeks to absorb all other thinking beings into self and despises the conflict and dynamism of existence outside of itself.

Buzzing from the Bleak

Giant sightless insets of Bleak power that show hostility to things of long persistence. They seem to have some connection or grudge against time and harass Primordials as a common nuisance.

Elemental Wisps

Common phenomena in the saner portions of the Wyld, these consist of bits of a single Element (in the Chuubo's sense) in a semi-coherent form.


The radiance that destroys the unrighteous shines with fell beauty and wields the jewel Structure and the staff Strength.


The lighting that dances on the surface of the abyss wears a mask of hatred and moves with fantastic speed and spits naked fury.


The fire that swallows worlds rages in the emptiness. Its faces chant words of destruction, the void creatures tremble in its heat.

Niraparadha Self-styled as blameless this aspect of Dharma is associated with Ilusion and Mystery. 'He' seems to have some sort of relationship or fascination with the sea of consciousness.

Locations of Interest

The Sea of Consciousness

A vast pool of an orange jellylike substance, the Sea of Mind congealed from the Wyld as sapient place composed pretty much of consciousness. It seeks to absorb any other mind it encounters into itself.


The portion of the Wyld long inhabited by Primordials, it has become somewhat stable because of the solidity of concepts and the narrative causality of the above mentioned deities.


The grand waiting maw of the Not that the Fantasist saved her fellows from falling into.

Genre Conventions

  • Actions Have Consequences
  • Heroism Matters

Game Progress

Book 1

Chapter 1
XP Actions: