City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower

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We protect the City from What Hides in the Mist

Player Characters

Order of the watchtower Crewbook

Locations of Note

  • The Watch House, in the Old Quarter, acts as a lodge for the Outer Circle of the Order, and a base of operations for the crew.
  • Kara's loft apartment.
  • Rainbow resource & community center, found on the corner of Main Street and the queer district, this building is the centre of the queer communities activities.
  • The Brass Serpent Gym, in a strip mall near River Passage and Castle. Part of an old lowrise block of buildings in a low-rent district. Evgeniy (Baku) has a tiny apartment above it.
  • Marksmans Investigations, four or five blocks from the center of downtown

Important NPCs

  • Sebby, Saint of Snipers (Aurebesh)
  • Minerva Xiang
  • Samantha
  • Kuruudo

Current Investigation: The Callow Murder

  • Christian Jensen, an actor and star of True Witchcraft, had begun a romance with Christine Callow. Soon after Christine was found dead in her apartment. Rumor has it a jealous fan of Jensen's was the culprit. Leaked police info Roger found says that there were no signs of forced entry or exit, nor a gun on the crime scene, just three 9mm bullets in Charlotte's chest. The only sign that anyone else had been in there was the sheer number of fallen objects from the tables and walls. The police report said it'd been ransacked, but photos seemed to indicate something more along the lines of a gust of wind. Neighbours reported hearing sounds of another female in the apartment (who didn't seem to actually say anything, just kind of screamed aggressively) and massive gusts of wind outside the windows which one tenant swears smelt faintly of the sea. There are tabloid stories of Christian Jensen's deteriorating mental state in the month since.
  • Detective Jude, lead in the Callow murder investigation, recently retired. His replacement is a woman, Maya Ryan - the Watchtower has no info on her, which seems suspicious. Minerva wants to know if Ryan is trustworthy, and asked Baku and Sebby to investigate the murder and check out what's going on with the police. Sebby tracked down Ryan but had little luck getting anything from her.
  • Alan "Pretty Penny" Golden, a drag queen, is working toward opening a drag bar. He told Garry that his husband has been acting weird, jumpy and paranoid. Taking late night walks. And had an unexpected large amount of money show up in his bank account. Garry agreed to help and find out what's going on.
  • Richard Golden, Alan's husband, sought out Kara. He admitted to having blackmailed a woman he thinks is the Callow killer. Someone (probably that woman) then left him a note on his pillow: "Leave me alone, or I'll kill you." They are obviously somewhat stealthy. Richard claims he can feel people's guilt, and knows the stuff that people regret doing most; that's how he found out. He asked Kara to help clean up the situation. Richarad is uncomfortable around Garry and Evgeniy - probably mostly Evgeniy.
  • Roger received intel from Hugin and Mugin about the murder, and his investigations uncovered some of the crime scene details. When Kara advised him she was heading out to investigate, he warned Kara about the murderer possibly having supernatural wind powers.
  • Kara investigated the target's apartment. Tiny and barren, like a hideout. Occupant's mail is addressed to a Mara Tatum. There was a pistol there. Long, blonde hairs were stretched across both the windows and the door, to detect intrusion. Mara's clothes include all manner of identity-hiding accessories. Strung across the door was a crude tripwire alarm system. There was a large box full of unlabelled hypodermic needles, each filled with a mysterious bright red liquid.
  • Baku and Sebby end up at the Callow murder scene by different paths. Baku surprised someone inside, who grabbed a shotgun, and started threatening Baku with it. Baku escaped out the window. Garry was upstairs on a (unrelated mundane) job. He sent Kuruudo to help. A cop was nearby and heard the ruckus. Sebby lead Baku out, with the cop balked by a locked door on the roof. Meanwhile, Garry broke into the apartment Baku had just left, but retreated when it was obvious the crisis had passed.
  • Sabine has a weird dream related to the victim. A hallway built out of many jagged and uneven stone blocks, damp with cold water and covered in creeping mold. All throughout the dream there's a sickening, musty smell mixed with the briny scent of the sea; and a high, alluring song which echoes through the hallways, sung in a language Sabine can't quite place. The hallway ends in a vast, circular room. The curved walls are full of doorways. The high, conical ceiling has no tip, but a hole through which a spotlight of a strange bluish-violet light, like the bioluminescent glow of a jellyfish, enters. At the center of the room is a 10' high platform with four steep and uneven staircases leading up to it. Atop it, in the light, stands a woman, dressed in dark blue robes, and dirty blonde hair. It seems like she's the source of the singing. The woman is Charlotte Callow.