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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign


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Crew Relationships

Name Help Hurt
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 0

Garry Nuthean, the Magical Man

MYTHOS: Shining Bright Agent of Hope Magical Girl BlueRain LOGOS: Socially Active Gay Man
Mistress of The Soothing Rains


LGBTQ+ Community Member

(Defining relationship)

How is a burned out man worthy of such a title "I nurture the community like it nurtured me"
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Hydro kinesis A Mutual support network
D Expression of hope and joy D Politically aware and active
J Binding Whips of water. G Wide and diverse range of friends and contacts


Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A My Thirst for Blood. B Soft Spot for Vulnerable Innocents.
Unearthly Beauty


Fixer & Troubleshooter


Can anyone truly love me, or are they drawn like moths to my flame? Whatever your problem is, I can fix it. Yes, even that.
Attention 0 Fade 0 Attention 0 Fade 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Unholy Charisma A Analysing Problems.
C Irresistible Charm D Clearing the crime scene
G Uncanny Strength J A Keen Eye for Detail.
I Devilishly Seductive
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A The Sunlight Burns. B Overconfident.
D Over-Zealous Thralls.