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Name: Dreadhur Solace (adopted son of the legendary general Barazar Solace, maybe?)

Stats: Stats: 7#4d6k3 9 14 14 11 16 6 17

STR 18 (+3), CON 14 (+1), DEX 16 (+2), INT 7 (-1), WIS 11, CHA 14 (+1), LUCK 9 Racial Bonuses for Strength and Intelligence.

Alignment: Lawful. Impose or maintain order in the face of chaos.

Vices and Virtues: Vices and Virtues: 5#1d100 48 10 51 75 41 Friendly, Charitable, and a Liar! I'm picturing him as a old soldier type, jovial and generous with his friends and troops, and prone to telling war stories and hogging glory.

Appearance: Appearance: 3#1d100 11 88 4 Chiseled, tattoos, big mouth. This is basically Glen Danzig, the guy looks like a Heavy Metal frontman, more or less. He has to turn sideways to get through doors and his arms and torso are liberally covered with runes of protection, names of fallen comrades, symbols of units he's served in and battle's he's fought, etc. He's got a gold tooth which he likes to flash when he smiles, which is often.

Class: Fighter

Moves: Basic: Favored Weapon with 3 checks: Sword, Great Axe, Crossbow Mettle=8, spend one before an attack to add +1 to the roll Revel in Battle Bend Bars, Lift Gates No Guts, No Glory

Advanced Moves: Master Weapon: Great Axe: may spend 2 Mettle for a +2 Second Skin: +1 Armor and ignore awkward tag for armor Leader: When you bark commands in the heat of battle, Roll +Cha Templar: Multiclass as Cleric

Cleric Moves: Disciple: Divine Favor 8 Pray Convert Lay on Hands Invoke Smite (from Servant of Vice)

Gear: Plate Armor Wt 6 Armor 4 Shield Wt 2 Armor 2 Light crossbow Wt 2 6 crossbow bolts Wt 2 Great axe Wt 3 Sword Wt 2 Dagger Wt 0 Army Uniform Exquisite clothing for off duty Adventuring Gear, tent, bedroll Wt 6 (doesn't carry this all the time)

Books: Dreadhur likes books, but he doesn't see why people need more than one. Great Generals of Rahesh, their Famous Victories and Tragic Deaths Some people view this as history, he sees it as a how to manual.

Random Items: Random Items: 3#1d100 54 21 16 A holy symbol of some god -- Bane? Vecna? The Raven Queen? Whichever one he follows. A coin-purse full of silver pieces. If someone betrays him, he likes to cram the silver into their mouth before slaying them. Then it's time to get a new purse. A child's doll. This is a token of his child, see below under secrets. Wondrous Items: Endless Canteen (any beverage you put into the canteen replenishes) -- there's a tavern he stopped by once on manuvers, a long way from here, that had the best spring ale... he drinks nothing else. Gloaming Shroud (a cloak that improves your stealthfulness) -- Generals live a lot longer if they aren't seen by the enemies' wizards, he earned this as a token of esteem from his commander. Elixir of Aptitude (3 sips - duration 3, gain a skill or improve at one you already have) Followers: A squad of undead infantry, maybe improved zombies? His executive officer, a floating flaming skull with an officious personality; the skull's been in the army longer than Dreadhur's been alive and has seen many generals come and go. Theme: The transience of martial glory. Dreadhur is the very flower of Rahesh's military might and considers himself a very big deal indeed... but he's barely a footnote in history. He's vaguely aware of this and desperate to find something to make him, or at least his name, immortal.

Mission: To achieve undying fame in service to the state. Ideally, this would be by discovering some truth or item of transcendent importance and bringing it back home so he can take credit for it and be acclaimed Master of War for the city.

Goals: 1) Find the lost Turathi Treatise on War, a priceless relic of the glorious past written on lacquered manskin which is rumored to contain lost secrets of siegecraft and strategy, rumored to be in the Forbidden Library of Lian, where the blind monks cannot read it. 2) To win the loyalty of a whole foreign army, Khaleesi-style, such that they will follow him to the ends of the earth. Bonus points if they are Tieflings. 3) To track down the renegade necromancer Abriman the Unclean and take back what was stolen from the city of Rahesh, including his undead servitors, his magical implements, and certain of his tattoos.

Secrets: Dreadhur has a daughter by a halfling bard; she is small like her mother and fierce like him and she is the one thing in the world that Dreadhur really loves more than himself, and he can't acknowledge her without putting her in mortal danger from his enemies.

Item of Power Gate's Bane, a Great-Axe of heroic proportions, enchanted to shatter wards and barriers. When the Goliath Barbarian called Defiant brought his horde to the gates of Rahesh, Dreadhur called him out in single combat and took his head and his axe. That won him a promotion and he has considered Gate's Bane his lucky talisman ever since.

Paragon Stuff: Blackguard Fighter class Dark Majesty: +2 to Intimidation and all Follower moves other than Recruit (always on) Shroud of Shadow: for free at L3, gain the Scoundrel advanced move (multiclass to Thief) Servant of Vice: for free at L1, gain Favor as a Cleric and the Pray and Smite moves. If you want any other Cleric abilities, you'll have to buy Templar as one of your advanced Fighter moves at L5 or L7. Not every Blackguard is also a priest, but some are. You also have qualities that are primarily color/fluff: Dread Smite: your attacks are divine in nature and do cold and necrotic damage (fluff) Followers can be undead You hold rank as an officer in the army of Rahesh

Paragon Path: Animator-General You command the armies of the undead, and have a staff of animator-engineers. Member of the Animator's Concordium. The Animators are all about mastering the process of creating undead and maintaining warehouses of the deceased for replenishing Rahesh's army. Boon: You have mastered the rituals to raise the corporeal dead. Boon: You are a low-ranking general within the army of Rahesh, with attendant privileges. Any military man anywhere will recognize that you command thousands of elite troops, if you occupy your full bearing and presence. (With your always on Dark Majesty, that's hard to hide.) You have station within the Animator's Concordium. Bane: You are tempted by the prospect of Undeath. While you would be a great prize for both the enemies of Rahesh and non-Raheshi necromancers -- for the knowledge you hold -- it's the Undying themselves from whom you have the most to fear. For you have risen to a rank where you are surrounded by powerful Undying overlords, and they all think you are transient and weak in your mortal prison.