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Statement of Intent

For every combat round write a statement of intent and post it in the OOC thread. This statement should include any Actions your character will take and your character's general goal for the round. It should be done without regard to statements of what other characters will be doing that round. If there is a conflict, due to the fog of war, I will resolve it in the most common sense way that I can and post a summation of the rounds results.

Roll the Dice

If your statement includes any Actions that may require a die roll, roll the dice and enter them all into one post immediately following your statement post. (Alternatively, link them into your statement post or edit them in.) Roll 1d100 for an attack and two defense every round (second at -30%). Also, roll for any other skills you use, such as perception skills or magic. Note the success level of each in your post for me. If you score a success with your attack, include damage and hit location for your hit. This way I can resolve combat as quickly as possible. Any rolls not included in your post will be provided by me and I'm notorious for poor die rolling, so be warned!


All actions are resolved from highest to lowest DEX. The round proceeds in the following order:

  • 1. Movement: all movement resolved before any other action.
    • Move (0-5m): free movement. Act at DEX.
    • Move (6-15m): next action at DEX/2.
    • Move (16-29m): next action at DEX/4.
    • Move (30-45m): no additional actions this combat round.

  • 2. Non-Combat Action: cumulative total of all actions subtracted from DEX before moving on.
    • Draw Weapon: from quiver, scabbard, off belt loop, or similar. Costs 5 DEX.
    • Sheath Weapon: into quiver, scabbard, belt loop, or similar. Costs 5 DEX. Dropping a weapon is free.
    • Ready and Aim an Arrow or Sling: necessary for full attack value. Costs 5 DEX. May carry over to future rounds.
    • Ready a Spell: costs 5 DEX to prepare + 1 DEX/MP spent on the spell. May carry over to future rounds.
    • Other Non-Combat Action: cost 5 DEX each for miscellaneous actions.

  • 3. Missile Attacks: all bonuses and penalties are cumulative and resolved in the order listed.
    • Snap Shot: an attack with a non-aimed weapon is at 1/2 skill value.
    • Point Blank: an attack at 1/5 listed range is at 2X skill value.
    • Medium Range: an attack above listed range and under double the range is made at 1/2 skill value.
    • Long Range: an attack above double the listed range to quadruple the listed range is made at 1/4 skill value.
    • Fast Moving Target: -50%.
    • Stationary Target: +20%.
    • Poor Vision: -10% to -25% with some light. Less in total darkness.

  • 4. Melee Attacks:
    • Initial Order of Attacks: upon engagement, the warrior with the longest weapon will always attack first (lowest to highest SR of weapons), on the DEX rank of the fastest combatant. The GM has final authority if weapons have the same SR or in special circumstances.
    • Subsequent Order of Attacks:
      • Equal Weapon Lengths: if weapons are within 1 SR of each other, subsequent attacks are resolved in DEX rank order.
      • At Distance: if weapons are 2+ SR different, the longer weapon wielder will go first so long as the shorter weapon wielder is force to stay at distance.
      • Keeping at Distance: a declaration of intent and a successful attack roll, regardless of successful parry, keeps a shorter weapon wielder at distance, though does no damage on a normal success. (Higher levels of success for either party are decided on a case-by-case basis.) A higher success level of Dodge, declared ahead of time, will allow the shorter weapon user to force close combat.
      • Normal Attack: the longer weapon user may elect to attempt to do damage, resulting in a normal chance to do damage and to be parried. A higher level of defense success by the shorter weapon user allows them to force close combat for the next round.
      • Close Combat: attacks are resolved in strict DEX rank order. However, all attacks and parrys by the longer weapon user are difficult. A higher success level of dodge by the longer weapon user and forgoing attacks (declared ahead of time) results in a breaking of Close Combat.
    • Damage
      • Successful Hit: roll normal damage plus normal damage bonus.
      • Special Hit: depends on weapon as follows.
        • Impaling weapon: roll weapon damage twice and sum, then add normal damage bonus. Weapon is impaled into victim.
        • Slashing weapon: weapon does maximum damage plus normal damage bonus.
        • Crushing weapon: weapon does normal rolled damage plus either maximum damage bonus or roll one damage bonus higher, at choice of attacker.
        • Knockback: roll normal damage. All damage is applied as chance to knock defender from feet, unless the defender dodges. Additionally, defender rolls d% against CON. Every multiple of CON over CONx3 results in one round of stunned. A stunned character performs at DEX/2 and all skill rolls are difficult.
      • Critical Hit: Weapon does full affect of Special and in addition either ignores all armor for the location rolled or attacker chooses location for hit, though armor then applies.
    • Hit Location
      • Missile and Thrusting Weapons: use missile chart. This includes spears and short swords, if used as impaling weapons.
      • Swinging Weapons: use melee chart. This includes broad swords, maces, axes, etc.
      • Attacking while mounted: roll 1d10+10 for appropriate chart.
      • Partial Cover: roll normal hit location. If hit location rolled is covered, then attack is blocked.
    • Results of Damage
      • General Hit Points: all damage is only tracked via general hit points.
      • Hit Location: only applies if location sufficient damage done in one attack.
        • Threshold exceeded: location disabled. Target taking 1 hp of damage per round due to blood loss. CON rolls necessary to continue operating for Head, Chest, or Abdomen hits.
        • Threshold doubled: location disabled. Target taking 2 hp of damage per round due to blood loss. Character incapacitated.
        • Threshold tripled: location destroyed. Target taking 3 hp of damage per round due to blood loss. Character incapacitated.

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