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(Colfi Hale)
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Colfi is something on an anomaly in Amber.  A pacifist with a long military history.  Attained the Rank of Lieutenant in the Elites.
Colfi is something on an anomaly in Amber.  A pacifist with a long military history.  Attained the Rank of Lieutenant in the Elites.
He has a daughter who aspires to a military career.  Fostered to Dame Fres Mira at age 14
He has a daughter, Hannah,  who aspires to a military career.  Fostered to Dame Fres Mira at age 14
[[File:Hannah hale.jpg|100 px]]
==='''Even of Hale'''===
==='''Even of Hale'''===

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This is information for the Jeweled Amber game and the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance game.

People of Amber

Grand Court of Amber (JR&WoB)

Some of the People of Amber’s Descriptions

Many of these people can be found serving on various functions of the Court of Amber. Included are also soldiers, guards, and other notables of Amber


Allen Dormin-Crown Herald


A correct and constant presence in the court of Amber. Can almost always be found in the Great Hall of Amber or in personal attendance to Random. He is extraordinarily young in appearance and is an example of how enthusiasm in Aging in Amber works

Aries Colbresi-Dean of Treasures-Fantalin


Dean of Treasures at Fantalin and holder of the Oberon Professorial

Aubry Du Motier-Chancellor of the Exchequer


Head of House Du Motier. Lord Aubrey , who is also head of the Bank of Amber. A house whose major interests lie in banking and finance, but who also have fingers in many other pies, in particular trade. They own a number of small merchant shipping lines. House Du Motier is involved in the commercial canning of fish in the North Riding, giving rise to a slang term for their fisherman and sailors being caller "Tierys"

Hymal Urien- Steward of Amber


Head of House Urien at Red Dawn. The role of Steward is a complex one. He is the face of contact for the center of the universe. The nobles and the royals of a thousand realms have their contact in the Seneschal. The rest have Lord Hymal Urien. Lord Hymal deals with the big and the little in a vast hierarchy of activities from the military expenditures of the Amber Elite Guard to the pensions for assistant gardeners when they retire. He deals with the middle and lower echelons of foreign embassies, room assignments in the castle and the city of Amber. He knows everything about everything. If he says "ill have to look into that" be nervous.

Asgol Urien

Asgol Urien.jpg

Retired businessman. Brother of Hymal_Urien . Once head of House Urien at Red Dawn he retired from the leadership of his house after his two sons died in service to Amber. He took his considerable wealth and had a small home built in the Far isle and retired there never to return to Amber. He is essentially unconnected to the family of his younger brother who remained in Amber.

Carmel Urien


Hymal Urien's eldest daughter and only child from his first marriage. One of Vialle's companions. She and Vialle seem to get on well. A shy woman, reserved but with an infectious laugh. A mean chess & Go player. She even once beat Benedict at Chess, something he never forgets. He has taken to escorting her to Amber functions but it is believed to be a platonic relationship.

She turned down a spot as a Lady in Waiting, preferring to be a friend, rather than a follower. She is very jealous of her much younger, far more beautiful sisters.

Aurora Urien


Hymal's oldest daughter of his second marriage. Aurora leads the Urien Pack. This is a snide reference to Hymal Urien's 4 youngest daughters and Helene Du Sarn. All daughters of his second marriage. She is witty, wise, seductive, can be refined or crass by turns, and nearly always get to approve who her sisters hook up with, regardless of the duration. She is a talented musician, avid theater-goer and frequent guest of Bleys. She is also a fierce archer, frequently reaching the top circles of skill at Military Festivals.

Amongst the crass court gossips the Urian Pack is derided as sluts and arm candy. Both of these terms she denies only half heatedly. She has a trick to defeat such gossip. When she hears that someone is leveling crass comments at the pack she takes aim at them. Then, regardless if the speaker is male or female, the pack descends and the speaker finds themselves brow-deep in Urien girls and they rarely complain in the morning. She is close friends with Helene Du Sarn

Isabella Urien


One of the Urien Pack. She is fairly mystic. A scholar of the obscure arts and sciences. While an adapt of Amber sorcery, she also studies magics that work in varied and bizarre realms of shadow. Beside her magical interests she is a sublimely sexual creature. She tends to drift in conversation. While she intereacts with the diplomatic circles she is too unreliable to depend upon.

Lucille Urien


One of the Urien Pack, she shares their eager sexual interests. Has been known to tell diplomats that she does not trust a person's word till they gives it naked. She tends to be a political rabble rouser. She follows the less then top-shelf political movements. She is a perennial lady in Waiting to Vaille. A quiet member of the Amber Elites Guard.

Sophia Urien


The youngest of the Urien Pack, she is flirtatious though quiet, funny, and sort of sad. She has extreme levels of acceptance of abuse activities. She is a submissive of the first water. She is quiet and accepting, and possibly insane.

Ban Reeth True


This strange woman is an archetype in her own right. She is the soothsayer, the fortuneteller, the visionary with tarot cards, palm lines, head bumps, and chicken livers.

She is a Mistress of the Sigil At Riess. She is an instructor in that powerful initiation.

She is ensconced above Wendy's Breandig Boutique, from which she casts her eyes deep into shadows to scout out the pathways of fortune. Vielle, and many of the ladies of court, adore Reethe. Frequently she is hated by the men of court who view her as a seductress and an ice queen, even a vast manipulator who convince their wives and mistresses to rearrange their lives. She is known to detest Eshiko the Medicine Man. She is considered part of the court group called The Ladies

Draso kala Dint


Commanding Admiral of the Blue Sea Base, Far Isles.

He is very rarely in Amber. He is dour, stern, often dictatorial, and often on the wrong side of an argument. He tends to argue with the rare person willing to argue by raising his voice.

  • However, he is an extremely efficient administrator and an uncommonly good ship and fleet commander in battle. He has been a hero in many sea battles in the last thousand years of Amber History and fought as a field commander of Infantry under Gerard at the Battle of Patternfall.
  • As generally unpleasant as he can be the list of his accolades is enough to make others give him regard. While most command officers have similar collections of ranks and titles his is distinguished enough to excuse bad behavior.
  • Knight of Amber-First Class Inclusive:Senior Commander Blue Sea Base.
  • Valorous Knight of Amber-First Class-Naval
  • Valorous Knight of Amber-Second Class-Naval
  • Valorous Knight of Amber-Third Class-Infantry
  • Valorous Knight of Amber-Fourth Class-Cavalry
  • Knight of the Unicorn
  • Knights of the Elites
  • Order of the Swan-Third Class-Scrimshaw
  • Order of the Staff-First Class, Second Class & Third Class. A service award.
  • Court Baron under Oberon.
  • Court Baron under Eric.
  • Victor of Patternfall

Moire, Queen of Remba


Honosal Moir Tral


Partriarch of the powerful Rebman House Moir Tral, a Grand Duke of Rebma. Queen Moire's Consort. A Court Baron of Amber. Foster father of Rene of Rebma

Nim Moir Tral


Marla Moir Tral


Honsol Moir Tral’s sister. She heads most of the families activities and business interests. In many ways she tries to represent Renman polite behavior at all times. While Rebman's can be as stodgy as Amberite nobility, they have a dramatically different manner considering nudity. This is a bit of a scandal when other rebmans are concerned but they generally conform to Amber norms in Amber. Marla, However, is well known for arriving at formal state functions in rebman formal wear including bare breasted wear.

She is also able to shift shape to Mer form, a trait only a third of Rebmans have. She has been a traveling companion of Orsalla's.

Nala Moir Tral


Daughter of Honsol Tral- a noble family of Remba. Well known in Amber, loosely attached to the Remban Embassy. Occasionally seen in the company of Llewella and Martin. Somewhat shy, and studious. A graduate of the School of Sorcerous Arts Fantalin.

Bela Moir Tral


Daughter of Marla

Samantha Cavandish


Nalia Cavandish


Lady in Waiting

Beth Cavandish


Lady in Waiting

William Roth

William roth.jpg

Counsel to the Court of Amber. A Lawyer friend of Corwin and Merlin’s from Earth, brought to Amber.

Carly Castalwie


Random's Correspondence Secretary and the person who answer's his Trump Calls. Often called Carly Dear. She will correct anyone who calls her Dear that she does not want to. One of The Ladies

Ruda Alabega

Ruda Ale.jpg

Retired Pirate & Mistress of Ruda's Place in the Far Isle. She plied the seas for several centuries before the Patternfall wars mainly praying on Kashfran shipping first as a pirate then as a Begman privateer. Her activities brought her considerable fame and fortune as well as many determined enemies. After a particularly brutal battle in Kashfran waters she was led into Amber by Prince Brand where she and the remnants of her crew settled in the Far Isles, beaching a dozen badly damage ship on a western isle. Afterwards she converted them into a small community and has been its unofficial mayor ever since.

During the Patternfall War she and Draso Dint united forces to man ships to fight off a major naval intrusion into Amber by sea. Their uneasy alliance of traditional foes successfully ended the attempt of Chaos to invade Amber by sea. This earned her the Valorous Knight of Amber-Third Class. An accolade she laughs about often but is not above using it if needed to preserve her interests.

While Far Isle does not have an actual government Ruda is considered one of the people of importance there.

Cogswell Mal At Riess


Cogswell Mal At Riess is a very strange guy to be a Duke. He is an itinerant guitar/bajo/ballisat playing song-singing drunkard. He is also a brilliant Cavalry soldier and commands one of Benedict's Elite Cav Units-The Wild Weasels.

  • Cogswell is beloved by his troops, house, and much of Amber. He took it in the teeth during Eric's reign because of his opposition position. He loudly cheered Random's reign and is one of his strongest supporters.
  • Duke Mal at Riess (almost always called Duke Cogswell) is massively strong and a mighty warrior. He is a front line trooper who got roped into being a Duke after 5 elder brothers, two uncles, and his father all died at Patternfall. He makes a point of telling his troops that he does not command them, he goes to fight the enemies of Amber, and if they want to come along for the adventure, they are welcome to be his companions.

Having said that, none of his troopers ever question him and they always do what he says. Mal at Riess

  • He is a Master of the Sigil at Riess and is its chief protector. His permission must be granted before the Sigil can be walked.

Cogswell Manor

House Cogswell

Marissa Mal at Riess


Marissa is the daughter of Cogswell Mal at Riess. She is also a popular Minstrel to the court of Amber. Primarily a harpist, she can play almost any musical instrument. An adapt of the Mal at Riess bearing the Sigil from the Cogswell Manor.

Sally Mal at Riess


Sally is the daughter of Cogswell Mal at Riess. Delicate, but strong. A bearer of the Sigil at Riess. A gourmet. Shys from the court crowd at times, she is a familiar face at the city councils involving charity work. Known to be a devout Unicornist. A lady in Waiting despite her quiet dutiful protests

Cynchild Motius


Minister of Arts and Science. She is an expert at nearly all art forms and is a wealth of information. She is often seen at Sea View gardens in the mornings with Dame Margot and Ain Breakwithe-Smythe. One of The Ladies

Dame Margot


Chatalaine & Amber Mistress of Festivities. She is an ancient member of the court of Amber. She is one of the oldest retainers of Amber. Her origin is unclear since it predates the formation of the Kingdom of Amber. Her accolade is so ancient that she ranks in the Order of Precedence in the top 5 of the nobility, below the royalty. It is an open secret that she had dalliances with Oberon in-between Queens and that she turned down the throne and a marriage proposal from Oberon. Margot is the administrator of the behind the scene activities at nearly all State functions. Considered one of The Ladies

Dart of Hale


Assistant to Dame Margot.Jokingly called the "Concierge of Amber" A go-to guy for many services in the realm. He often deals with minor details. He is often involved in room assignments for nobles, royals, visitors.

A moving presence in the Castle and is often the person to ask advice of.

He was born on Hale estates near Ob.

Dame Hanith Hale


An Amberite socialite of the Hale family. The Hales are nobles in Amber, Thelusia, and many other realms. Dame Hanith is one of three people who speak with the reclusive Dowager Queen Clymnea. Hanith is known to be sharp tongued, arrogant, and stubborn. Known to be one of The Ladies

House Hale is an old house with branches in Amber (Hale & Hale-Gunnir), Rebma (Hale-Usos), Diaga (Hale-Abledan) and Thelusia (Rakala-Hale). Dame Hanith is the undoubted Head of the House but each of the distaff branches has its own Head and they don't always get along. Also, the heads of the are of dramatically different ages.

  • Duke Agalar Rakala- Hale is Hanith's great-grandson though her grandaughter's line, and he is the closest relation. However since he is also in the line of Succession in the Thelusia Royal family(6th in line) he forfeits a claim on House Hale, some argue.
  • Castel Vos Hale-Abledan is the most militarily acclaimed of the House. A friend of Benedict, a leader of the Diega Legions at Patternfall. He is on the Golden Circle Military Council as Diega's representative. Sadly he and Dame Hanith bitterly hate each other.
  • Unmani Hale-Usos is the head of the Rebman branch, a a great, great,great granson of Hanith. A quiet but forceful man in need, he led a Legion of the Rebman Navy in many battle across shadow during the Patternfall War. He generally does not visit Amber and has almost no connection with Hanith.
  • Rokoro Hale-Gunnir is Dame Hanith G,G,G,G,granddaughter. She refers to her house as House Gunnir and tries to avoid having her house interact with Dame Hanith's House in any way. Not vocally antagonistic of Hanith, they are clearly not fans of each other and keep their family affairs separate. Rokoro is known to be ambitious in wanting a House Declaration for her to create her own house.
  • Baron Colfi Hale is in direct line of the House Hale in Dame Hanith and is he Great,Great,Great Grandson Through her granddaughter's line. Born Illegitimate, was formally adopted but has been removed form the line of Succession to the house. He is a frequent companion of Dame Hanith

Fire Marshal of Amber- Field Marshal-Second Legion, First Cohort

  • Even of Hale and Dart of Hale[[1]] are not blood relations to the Hales but both were born to members of the extended Fiefs of the House Hale. They have some loyalty to the House Hale in the way people are loyal to the places they grew up in regardless of where life look them.

Colfi Hale

Colfi Hale.jpg

Fire Marshal of Amber- Field Marshal-Second Legion, First Cohort

  • Baron Colfi Hale is in direct line of the House Hale in Dame Hanith and is he Great,Great,Great Grandson Through her granddaughter's line. Born Illegitimate, was formally adopted but has been removed form the line of succession to the house.

Colfi is something on an anomaly in Amber. A pacifist with a long military history. Attained the Rank of Lieutenant in the Elites.

He has a daughter, Hannah, who aspires to a military career. Fostered to Dame Fres Mira at age 14

Hannah hale.jpg

Even of Hale

Even of hale.jpg

Even of Hale is a weapons instructor for hire to the nonmilitary general public.

Alright. Amber is a military place with a military presence and nearly everyone has some concern that being well armed and well trained is a good thing. Not everyone can join the Amber Military but nearly everyone is armed. Fights in the street, self-defense, Sword Dancers, military Arts competitors, fencing tournaments of all levels. Dilettantes, wannabes, mercenaries, caravan guards, protective services, boasters and braggers, cutthroats, brigands, and every sort of person brandishing the blade.

Even of Hale is famous among these sorts as the very best one can hire to teach proficiency of arms to the nonmilitary general public. His personal credentials are incredible for people willing to train such people.

  • Even served 200 years in the Military of Amber, raising to the rank of legion Sub-commander. He spent 20 years in the Amber Elite, serving as RPS for meembers of the Royal Family including Bleys, Flora and Random.
  • He is a four time Grand Champion of the Sword of Arms Tournament.
  • He is a knight of the Royal Order, 3rd Class (Meant for non-nobles of great achievement but not bestowing a title). It ranks as one of the lesser peerages but still accords all the benefits a peerage does.
  • Granted a Court Baronage. His highest accolade. he was awarded the coronet for his actions at the Battle of Patternfall leading the Civilian City Cohorts. The Civilian City Cohorts are an irregular body of civilians with martial experience but not part of the Amber Guard.

At some point there was a deep and effective falling out with the royal family during the Reign of Eric I. The details were private enough that he was not banished from royal service but enough for him to leave the inner circles of the military and the court. He does not speak about it. He is listed on the Honorably Retired Rolls though many active military try to ignore him.

So he is a extraordinarily capable for a trainer of the general public.

Even is a bit of a braggart and will never be accused of humility.

He has a small residence atBright Edge and a townhouse in North Riding. He conducts training at both places. Those under his instruction are given a tour of the castle by him once during their time with him. This is a curtsy given a retired Elite.

Droppa Ma Pantz


Court Jester of Amber His real name is Doppa Mir Panzeas. He has a mysterious history and may have come from somewhere in shadow. Some say he was a Lord of Chaos who was too near the creation of Amber. It is rumored that he is the Incarnation of Humor. It is even suggested he may be a shadow of Dworkin. There are many rumors about him; many are true. Most are probably not. He is incredibly funny. He knows more jokes than anyone in shadow. He knows more drink types and is the consummate bartender. He often gets embroiled in misadventures.

Brustos Drent

Brustos Drent.jpg

A talkative and arrogant man with an insanely accurate ability to judge distance, height, speeds and weights. Commander of the First legion, Third Cohort-Artillery Specialists

Godmund Norwolf


Head of House. Baron Godmund Norwolf. A newer noble family in Amber, established since King Random came to the throne on the basis of money made by fortuitous trading with new markets along the new shadow paths created with the redrawing of the Primal Pattern. Because of their 'new money' status they are somewhat looked down upon by the other houses, but do control a major trading fleet.

House Norwolf has a very long history with the Civilian City Cohorts Godmund once served as its General Commander.

A fussy and sometimes annoying man he is also a daring shadow walker and a Broken Pattern Initiate. Recently elected to the Board of Governors of the University of Fantalin.

  • Council of the exchequer. Board member of the Bank of Amber

Gethrun Norwolf


Guthrun, the oldest daughter of the head of House Norwolf, a Deputy Chief of Protocol. Fussy and prim.

Gieana Norwolf


Daughter of Gethrun. Has been known to be a wetnurse to certain families of note.

Lydia Norwolf


Lady Lydia Norwolf is a member of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting

Wolfgang Chantris


Head of House Chantris: Duke Wolfgang Chantris.

A house most well-known for its heavy involvement in the Amber military. Lord Wolfgang is a general within the army of Amber. They also have significant interests in armories both within Amber and in the Golden Circle. Chantris' eldest son has been disowned and is rumored to be a major player in the Thieves Union in Amber.

  • He was a hero of Patternfall leading the Amber Corp Chantris, a major corp raised and funded by House Chantris and seconded to the Amber Military.
  • Was present at the battle of Patternfall to witness the Unicorn's Choice of Random as king.

Harald Chantris "Lord Harry"


The fourth son of Lord Wolfgang, Harold, is leader of the Amber Life Guard. The Life Guard is a largely ceremonial group that requires little activities on the part of it's members. This leaves time for his real job. He is Master of Ceremonies of Amber. He knows every musician, singer, minstrel, bard and performer in Amber and seeks more in shadow. He is called Lord Harry by everyone, mainly in the spirit of fun but also to distinguish himself from the heralds. The name Harald, when yelled loudly, too often brought a court herald as well as Harald himself. So Corwin started calling him Lord Harry and the name stuck. Harry served as Deputy Master of Ceremonies under Lan Mal at Riess, the previous Master of Ceremonies, who sadly, died at Patternfall.

Earnest Chantris


Ernst Chantris, Wolfgang's youngest son, is second in command of the Amber Elite Guard. A veteran of the Arden Rangers. A hero of Patternfall. Ernest is known as something of rouge and a womanizer.

The Amber Elite Guard have a great deal over oversight in the protection of Amber. It is the formal guards on duty in the castle, as well as one of the primary military units in the kingdom. As second in command only Shannon Feldane, Warlord of Amber and Amber's Second in Command of the Armies of Amber, ranks higher in the Elites. In practice, on a day to day basis, Ernst runs the elites. Their loyalty sometimes wavers between Shannon and Ernst, both having their but it never wavers on Benedict or Amber.

There are factions in any military organizations, especially highly important ones. The vocal supporters of Earnest Chantris (Blue Ban) and Shannon Feldane (Gold Band) have a good natured competition but in the end obey orders and are the most devoted of Amber military units.

Ernst Chantris, Wolfgang's youngest son, is second in command of the Amber Elite Guard. A veteran of the Arden Rangers. A Veteran of Patternfall. Ernest is known as something of rouge and a womanizer.

Helene Du Sarn

HeleneDuSarn.jpg Helene.jpg

Poets of Amber who are familiar with Homer say this is the Helen that launched a million ships on a thousand shadows of earth. She is Amber's ultimate Arm Candy. Rumor has it that she actually has the term "Arm Candy" tattooed on her someplace and people have been known to look for it. She is a member of the 'Urien Pack.' She is the daughter of a Lan Du Sarn, owner of the massive chain of taverns called The Heeled Hound Inns. Helene got started as a tavern maid and took many a tumble there before her father suddenly became rich, respectable, and welcomed at court.

Helene is a walking scandal saved only by the fact that she is so universally friendly and sincerely funny, that people can't help liking her despite her outrageous behavior. To call her promiscuous does not quite cover her. She will willingly and eagerly couple with anyone who catches her slightest fancy. She has been caught in the act in a wide number of places around the castle and city of Amber. While promiscuous she does have her boundaries, which she admits she crosses occasionally. Amongst these is that she only engages in group sex with women and does not generally enjoy rough trade or heavy kink.

Despite her reputation once she says NO there is no way to sway her. Of course she might change her mind another day.

  • She has been raped a three times in her tavern youth. She hunted and killed two of the assailants and is still seeking the third. The stories of her revenge vary widely and she confirms nothing and denys nothing.
  • She was once caught with Bleys in Brand's Tomb. She is known to have been sexually involved with Bleys, Caine, Gerard, and Flora, and the rumors fly fast. These four admit their dalliances with her.
  • Droppa dotes on her incessantly.
  • Gerard is rumored to love her and carries her favor. He has defended her honor on numerous occasions but Helene prefers to defend herself. She is a competent swordsman and an excellent archer. But her most dangerous weapon is her sharp wit.
  • She is also one of the best singers in shadow, frequently featured in operas in the Theater District, hence her connection with Bleys. She frequently serves as secretary for the nobles and is currently serving as Bleys' secretary in Chaos.

Humphrey (no last name)


Humphrey is a scribe and a frequent presence in the back of the thrones during any court, where he records what is said with the skill of a court reporter. He served under Oberon for several hundred years, Eric for his whole reign and now Random, and still looks like a teenage boy. Quiet, skilled, fast.

The rumor, which he will confirm if needed, is that Oberon found him serving as a monk of a religious leader similar to a Pope. He had an unparalleled skill at languages and could read nearly any written language. The Pope treated him terribly. He had grown up in extreme poverty and his service in his faith did little to improve it. Upon being brought to Amber and given a tiny cell with a morning view of the ocean he was overjoyed to have such a gigantic room all to himself.

He has a small apartment now with one room for calligraphy and correspondence.

Ivor Venway


Chief Priest of the Unicorn in Amber. House Venway

Casina Venway

Casina Venway.jpg

Abbess of the Conclave of the Unicorn-Far Isle.

Related to Ivor Venway and Mikhael through a mutual great grandfather, she is not in the line of inheritance by Amber law however neither Ivor or Mikheal have children.

She served in various churches of the Unicorn throughout shadow. She was nearly slain by Deele the Desecratix. After this incident she took the role of Abbess of the Far Isle which is essentially the place of retirement for members of the clergy.



Lighthouse Keeper of Cabra. Admiral Jopin of Cabra

A retired admiral and legendary figure of the early days of Amber. Incredibly ancient, he was given the post of Lighthouse Keeper by Oberon when it seemed Jopin was soon to pass away from extreme old age. However the post suited him and he has remained a well preserved figure of Amber's past. Not to be trifled with lightly. Hero of Bunny Free’s Siege.



An Admiral in the Amber Navy. A boon companion of Gerard's. Previous member of the Elites

Jill Malaroy


A lady in waiting to Vialle. From a noble family in Begma

Eustance Clemans

Eustance Clemans.jpg

The Harbor Master of Amber. For all practical purposes the head of the Clemens family. At least he is the one who covers their bail.

See House Clemens

Cornelis Clemens

Cousin of Eustance. An administrator on the docks.

Kail Clemens

Dock Forman-Unloading and loading. A frequent tavern brawler.

Ambrose Clemens


Dock worker, thought to be slow, might just be dumb. Incredibly strong, but a poor brawler. Often in trouble with the law for dumb reasons

Judith Clemens


Wife of Eustance, mother of Lara

Lara Clemens


Acts as Eustance’s secretary in many ways. Involved in the business of the Harbormaster. Takes not a crap from ships officers and crews who misunderstand her role in the Harbor Office.

Fres Mira

Fres Mira.jpg

After serving in the Elites she eventually became the manage Princess Deirdre's manor house in the City of Amber. A social butterfly, with a hard edge.

Ciprian Vitalijus


Chief Librarian of Amber

Chief Librarian of Amber. A Prim and proper man, studious, a possessor of a great many learned degrees and a wealth of knowledge. Known to be quite judgmental. Dislikes Arloxedra intensely but knows very well that whatever his rank is his authority does not extend to ordering around a member of the royal family, little lone one who was for a short time the Crown Prince of Amber.

He is the reason shadows from Amber to the Abyss are supposed to be quiet places and why librarians are stereotyped as shushing people to keep them quiet.

Shannon Feldane


House Feldane et all

Head of House Feldane, Warlord of Amber. Second in Command of the Armies of Amber to Marshal Benedict Present at the battle at the Battle of Patternfall. He was commander of the garrison at Chaos for many years and also served as Ambassador to Chaos. Currently Warlord of Amber, which means he is in charge of Amber Primary fighting unit: Amber Elite First Corp. One of Benedict's closest friends and confidants. This tough and fair man is a force to be reckoned with and has nearly the same sense of presence that the Elders do.

  • Was present at the Battle of Patternfall and witnessed the Unicorn's Choice of Random as king.
  • Is a notorious narcissist.

Wyndham Feldane


House Feldane et allHouse Feldane et allHouse Feldane et all

Constable of Amber-Chief of Police Known as a womanizer and a bit of an ass. Arrogant, competent, and a constant presence on the Amber council and in her court.

William Feldane


Shannon’s third son, Lord William, is head of the Royal Bodyguard. He has a long pedigree of military experiences

Rede Feldane

Rede feldane.jpg

Son of William Feldane. A graduate of the School of Sorcerous Arts; Fantalin. Served in the City Police but resigned under suspicious circumstance. Currently serving in The Military as a Legion specialist.

Is rumored to bear a Mal at Riess imprint. Perhaps even a Sigil imprint, meaning he assayed the Sigil at the Cogswell Estates.

Lucia Feldane


Lord Shannon's wife, Lucia Feldane is Chief Lady in Waiting to Queen Vielle and a member of Florimel's circle of intimates.

Cordelia Feldane


Lady in Waiting, essentially Deputy Chief Lady in Waiting. Elite Guardsman-Retired

Marigold Struthers




King's Page

Melvin is likely to be delivering any messages the King sends

Aldo Mikhale

Aldo Mikhale.jpg

Master of Arms, Amber College of Heralds.

Master Aldo has held the office for over 600 years. During Oberon's reign he was little concerned by the operation of the College, leaving them to manage details far below the his interest. Aldo has gained a reputation of being picky, officious, and corrupt.

Milios Mikhale


Kingdom of Amber’s Chief Scribe. A master of calligraphy and illumination.

Ronan Mikhale


The Mikhle family is part of house Venway Ronan is a Priest of the Unicorn in Amber. He is a leader of the Militant wing of the church and has lead church troops in Battle. A veteran of the Amber Elite Guards and a veteran of Patternfall, he came to his devotions after the war. A bit of a fanatic.

Paris Ashlurian


The Lord Mayor of Amber City. As such he is on a first name basis with nearly all the family and is considered a close friend of the family. The number of pies he has his fingers in is truly astounding. He is a genial crook.

Rhian Motius




A ships captain and a major member of the Captains Council. A veteran of Patternfall despite the navy’s lack of involvement. He traces his seagoing days back to his service beneath Jopin.


A warrior of the Amber Guard currently on extended leave.

Salvador Kesht


Head of House Kesht

A leader on the Banker's Council of Amber. He heads the House Kesht with his wife Elizabeth, called Elspie, one of Amber's major trading houses. Board-Bank of Amber. As Economic Deputy Steward he oversees Amber's financial affairs. At Patternfall he was balding and showing his age, well over 800. He commanded an Archer's Regiment comprised of members of his merchant staff. Not a known warrior, He surprised many people with his steady resolve at Patternfall. He stood the charge of a regiment of Hellcats, calmly shooting them down, securing the left flank. For this action he earned Benedict's surprised respect and an even more shocking Knighthood on the field.

Their story is something of a favorite in court. Since aging seems to be a function of will for mortals in Amber, as the zest for life rises the person grows younger, as it dwindles they age. This leads people to find a physical and emotional age they like and stick with it a long time. The average lifespan for mortals in Amber who never gain sufficient zest in life is still around 400 years. Yet, there are numerous cases amongst the rich and poor alike of people living a thousand, two thousand, three thousand years and more.

Thus Salvador and Elspie. Before Patternfall these two well-respected people were on the declining side of 800 and seemed near death. Then Salvador went to Patternfall, prepared and willing to face the foe and accept death. When he returned to Amber he took his shocked wife by storm. Taking her dancing, carousing, and becoming involved in the Amber Military Aide Society, a group that aids veterans of Amber's Military. Soon both started loosing their gray hair, they started walking faster, making love longer, and they grew young again. Now they both look little over 20 years old and their exuberance and their love story makes the ladies of court, and the romantic of heart, swoon.

Aging in Amber

Elspie Kesht


Elizabeth is short, slight, beautiful, with very long, brown hair and very pale blue eye. Reputedly very intelligent, but also very shy, Elizabeth is timid and bookish, and nearly the same age as Salvador. When reading (which is often) wears reading glasses.

Do not let her demeanor fool you. She may be shy, but she is the cutthroat that directs their families business. Rumor has it that cutthroat might not be a mere euphemism. Her sudden youth and gaiety, so out of character for most of her long life, is as much a surprise to her as it is to all of Amber. Deputy Director-Amber Military Aide Society, despite her husband's zealous support of the AMAS he as many other duties. Thus the actual day to day running of the society falls to Elspie. This powerful position means many a veteran owes his livelihood and even his daily bread to her efforts.

Shrike Hag


Kingdom Herbologist and Preeminent witch.

Lives in the North Riding Harbor District in a small apartment compund with an interior herb garden. Holder of a Mal at Riess

Duchess Solange Charenton


-Head of House Charenton. Kingdom Historian

Head of House Duchess Solange Charenton.

  • Quite an old house, which is linked by marriage to the royal families of a number of important Golden Circle shadows. For this reason they tend to be prominent in trade with those shadows. They have also developed a reputation as diplomats; several of Amber's ambassadors to the Golden Circle are members of House Charenton. In particular Lady Solange's daughters Ellen and Sylvia are married to the Kings in particularly important Golden Circle shadows; Ellen is Queen of Lyan Diaga, Sylvia is Queen of Nan

Lady Solange is a force to be reckoned with. Dumpy, weak, fat, and badly aging woman, she has a keen wit, sharp tongue, an elephantine memory, and a fine sense of fashions she probably shouldn't be wearing. She is Amber's Kingdom Historian and knows more about ancient history than most. At well over 2000 years even her daughters are ancient. A large household, they are nearly out of blood heirs. If Solange dies she may leave the house to one of her two daughters, probably Ellen, neither of who wants it. Lady Solange frequently gains male admirers who enjoy her wit and her sense of style as much as they admire the possibility of inheriting a Ducal House. She toys with them and casts them aside roughly, ruining their careers. In her youth she was a great beauty. It is rumored in dark corners of Amber City that she even bore Oberon a son, but this is unconfirmed.

Ellen Charenton

Queen of Lyan Diaga

Sylvia Charentonn

Queen of Nan

Tyler Smials

Tyler smails.jpg

King's Privy Secretary Keeper of the Privy Seal. Cupbearer.

Meticulous, precise, humorous, and proper all describe Tyler. He tirelessly works at keeping Random on track, never an easy task, and is sometimes whispered to be the real power behind the throne. It is joked that he signs Random's name better and more often then Random does himself. A jest that is not too far off the mark.

Tyler is often the person bringing people into Random's presence, especially if its in the royal quarters. He is one of the few people on the "No Knock List" for the king's door.

Running Sheet Tyler

Valand Bayles


Baron Bayles. Vinter to Amber

Vinta Bayles


Daughter of Baron Bayles. Known to accompany Prince Caine on occasion.

Vielle of Amber


Queen of Amber. Once a member of the Court of Rebma. Blind, but perceptive, she is a gentle force that calmed a son of Amber and the future King Random. She is an expert in Mirror Magics.

Dame Fres Mira

Factor of Deirdre's. Oversees the Deirdres estate in the city. A well known hangout of the nobility.

Lord Rien


Knight & Minstrel

Lord Rien. A Minstrel and noble of Amber. Knighted by Corwin, he was one of the few supporters of Corwin during his imprisonment. Barely survived Eric’s reign. Disappeared soon after Patternfall and presumed to be in Avalon

Edmund Ganth


Baron of House Ganth. Foster Father of Yalla

Yalla Ganth


Daughter of Benedict [[2]]

Only daughter of the newly ennobled House Ganth. Her birth is revealed here. Alagina of Chaos Event.

While young, her extraordinary athletic abilities made her a champion at athletic events and archery events. Her revelation as a member of the blood is a shock as is her loyalty remaining with House Ganth.

Anhieesho Vakal


Anhieesho is an example of how strange people from shadow can sometimes end up in Amber. He is a medicine man of a Polynesian sort with great powers. Of an unknown great initiation. A sorcerer, mystic, and all around bizarre individual with only the slightest grip on reality. That might be how he ended up in Amber. Known as an expert on Hexes and Knackery. Known to bear an Mal at Riess imprint he gained after suddenly wandering into Amber on the Jeweled Road.



  • A sorceress in service to the Black Company. Foster Daughter of Doria. Left Doria service after several years in Amber to make her own way.
  • Associated to Jurt for many years in the past. Believed to be crazy.
  • Alcoholic resident of Thin Whip's Place



A noted sorceress from the Voroshk world, an Apprentice of Doria and foster daughter of Doria Arkana's younger sister. Sociable. Has served as a Lady in Waiting to Flora.

  • Graduate of Fantalin School of Sorcerous Arts. Apprenticed to Fiona
  • Currently serving as a Lady in Waiting to Queen Vialle

Mona Learly


A noted portrait artist in Amber. She painted many of the portraits that were eventually used to create the People's Deck. Her daughter Fasrie is seen in the trump on the right, she is being held by her girlfriend Calis. The two girls are both accomplished artists and frequently finish off the backgrounds of Mona's works.

Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe

- Deputy Crown Herald


A proper, dignified, snooty, and almost yawningly smarmy woman who has been know to get embarrassingly drunk at the merest sip of gin, Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe is a encyclopedia of court etiquette, law, history, heraldry, titles and ranks, and nearly anything having to do with the formal elements of Amber. She can drink gallons of wine, champagne, even mead, but the smallest amount of distilled spirits destroy her. Probably has something to do with her shadow of origin. She is Keeper of the Order of Precedence for Amber. She was the Chief Herald of Amber for 1000 years.

  • She is the grandmother of the current head of House Breakwithe-Smythe. Approaching her dotage in 4750 she retired from public service leaving the house to her heir, Agalos Breakwithe-Smythe. She languished in seclusion.

Suddenly during Eric's Interregnum she emerged from the privacy of the house, young, vital, active, and eager to return to service. The nature of Aging in Amber implies that something suddenly grabbed the interest of this ancient woman and revitalized her.

  • She and Dame Margot are dear friends and Flora dotes on her. Fiona is polite to Ain and has been known to be nervous and jumpy around her. Something happened in the deep past neither Fiona or Ain will discuss, though its an open secret that something occurred. The Ladies

Agalos Breakwithe-Smythe

Agalos Breakwithe-Smythe.jpg

Head of House Breakwithe-Smythe. An admiral in the Navy. Occasionally takes merchant ships of his House ships on their trips

Sang Wallu


Gossip/Investigative reporter for the Amber Gazette. Also a novelist and part owner of New Warren Press.

Darcy Rozero Elite Guard-Library Detail


A Sergent of the Castle' Amber Elite Guard. A quiet man but a familiar face around the castle. Currently serving in the Library Guard Post. Served in the 3rd legion at Patternfall early in his career. Known for carrying a book at all time. Received a military dispensation to bear a maul on duty as well as a side blade. He is often seen in his off hours in the Library with Arloxedra

Casey Kossi

Casey Kossi.jpg

A senior member of the staff of the Library of Amber. A quiet woman, knowledgeable, well educated. Born on in the area of North Riding long before the suburb was given a fortified wall and given its own city charter.

A friend of Arloxedra.

Drace Cazo


Corporal Elite Guardsman: Currently Shadowborn from New Velri City. Mixed Martial Artist who befriended gaurds at Niel's Diner. When happened to be in the game room when a collection of gangsters fatefully attacked Random's Card Game. He pitched in manfully while two Elites dealt with the majority of attackers. One however came within knife range of King Random who was obliviously laughing. Having saved the King's life, and admitting he had no life, he was taken to Amber and began a new life.

Dar Ak Mar Captain, Arden Rangers


Captain, Arden Rangers. One of Julian's top men.

Kinsa Dales: Deputy Chief Maid

Deputy Chief Maid. A pretty but proper woman in her mid 40s. She is often the face of the maid's Staff in the castle Amber.

Nisso Dales: Maid.

Maid. Sister of Kinsa


A senior waiter at Sea View Garden. Born in North Riding. Father a fisherman. Mother a housewife and home herbalist.

Dani Culoi: Waitress at Sea View gardens

Waitress at Sea View gardens. Often a server at royal feasts.

Roger of Garn


Robert Duncan: Elite guardsman


Amber Elites guardsman. A Sergent of Dreanan extraction. Called "Robear" He is often a Shift Lead for the Dungeon Guard Staff. In many ways a typical Dreanan. Dour, methodical, regimented, tough, eager to fight. He is a bit different in that he is also talkative, likes games of strategy, understands money, and is willing to drink with his betters. He also has a secret.

Miles "Bronze" McKinney

Bronze McKinney.jpg

Warden of the Dungeons of Amber.

A veteran of the Black Road War, as well as most of the major conflicts for several hundred years. Rabid Amber Royal Loyalist. A rough but fair warrior fanatically dedicated to the royal family and Amber.

Originally of Deanan heritage he was born in Amber to a soldier in the army stationed in Amber. His family moved around the kingdom to various military postings. He is more native Amberite then Deanan. His family wa 4 generations removed from Drena. [[3]]

Gangdis of Casowill

Gangdis of Casowill.jpg

A mostly retired Elite recalled to protect one person. Aging badly, which in Amber is a sign of lost enthusiasm. A known lush. Still, he fought at Talgwar Gap, against the Moonriders, and distinguished himself during the Siege of Bunny Free

Áedan Aeron : Mercenary Captain


Melvin Royal Messenger


Dique General Custodian


Known as Dik, though if asked he says his name is pronounced "Dee Q" A long term custodial servant always to be cleaning something. Quiet, proper, and efficient. His origins are unknown and all the elders, if asked, whould say they remember him always being around, even in their youth. He is a friend of Dame Margot

Ximo Ricard

Ximo Ricard.jpg

Rashed bakr

Rashed bakr.jpg

Garry Gavno Elite Captain


Friend of Bleys. Calro. Has served as a General in the Calro Military. Has done some mercenary work. Currently an Elite Captain

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