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<blockquote>''All is Chaos.  All in Chaos are but things in chaos.  There are great Lords of Chaos who have never heard more then a passing mention of Amber and all its travails. Order is an illusion that rises and falls in Chaos.  Others have fallen, so too will Amber.''    '''Swayvil VI  Shortly before his death.'''</blockquote>
A cosmology of the known universe would be difficult to compose depending on your point of view.  As any Lord of Chaos would tell you, ''"Its all a matter of perspective."''
Chaos is massive even on the scale that includes a complete set of infinity with Amber at its center.  Scholars argue, frequently at knife point, over details of cosmology.  They do so in great tomes for libraries full of argument.  But a tiny bit should be told to consider Chaos.
Dworkin created Amber on the rock Kolvir.  He did so with the Unicorn in attendance, bleeding, playing the lute, with the jewel of judgement.  Suddenly the vast diverse shadows and swirls of Chaos had a solid thing, a center place, but it is argued what that entails.  Chaos has had solid things in the past and they disappeared.  Places like [[Paragon]] and [[Calmir]].  But Amber was different.  Unlike the other places it seemed to wash like an ocean against the Abyss of Chaos, across from the Towers of Theldane, the capital of the Courts of Chaos.  Amber was its center but it had many places of vast power that floated like barges and great ships in the waves of Chaos.  [[Avalon]], [[Regor]], [[Alparos]], [[Azcala]], [[Vagalorat]].  Even Amber, felt the great Lords of Chaos before the Patternfall War, was just a ship on the seas of shadow and chaos.  It could be destroyed and but remove one tower from the vastly shadowlands, soon as others to be forgotten.
But when they made war on Amber, they lost.  Defeated on the field of battle by Benedict of Amber and the forces he assembled as his kinsman squabbled over who sat at the head of the table at dinner time. Chaos was forced to ''kneel''.
'''High Lord of Chaos is known as Swayvil.'''  The Swayvil.  The name of the first Swayvil was taken as a title, in the manner of Popes taking a Papal name.  The current Swayvil, Swayvil VII, was once Lord Aven Tamis anavi Wasana, of the House Wasana.  Upon his assumption he renounced all connection to his former house but that's a thin vernier.
The Serpent of Chaos and its construct of power, The Logrus, are also rulers of Chaos.  There leadership is as fickle as any in chaos.
There are many Houses in Chaos and each has its own sway in the politics of chaos.  It draws from the Stuff of Chaos to create realms, Ways, dwellings, races, and other things.  House names include Channicut, Helgram, Hendrake, Sawall, Adwin, Wasana, Elqu, Devvn.
==Houses of Chaos==
=='''The Logrus'''==
As a primal construct the logrus is the artifact of all changing chaos.  It is difficult, even parilous, to attempt to assay it but without doing so one may not operate the higher forms of sorcery in Chaos, nor shadowwalk in the vast realms of the shadowlands.
=='''Amber Cults'''==
The Amber Cults began as a response to the defeat of Chaos on Battle.
=='''Chaos creatures'''==
===Chaosian Hunting Cats===
*4 Amber Vitality
*2 Double Speed
*4 Endless Stamina
*4 Combat Mastery
*2 Armor vs Guns
*4 Deadly Damage
*4 Tongues
*2 Danger Sense
*2 Psyche Neutral
*2 Shadow Path
*4 Mold Reality
*4 Regeneration
*4 Limited Shape Shift
*4 Abilities: Blink 50', Fire Breath, Detect Poisons, Emotional Bond
*Shadowwide 4
(184)House Hendrake.
[[Jeweled Amber]]

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