Crowned Bard

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Crowned Bard

In the Tosian realms a Crowned Bard is one who reaches the 23rd order, marking a point of prominence amongst those who study their arts. It is also a sign of command and authority among the Tosian Bardic Orders.

Twice Crownded Bard

A Twice Crowned bard is the chief bard of a major nation or political entity. The rank is accorded for great deeds, worthy of song and the bardic arts.

Thrice Crowned Bard

The highest bardic rank among the Tosian/York extended multiverse is Thrice Crowned Bard. The rank is extremely rarel given and only for great deeds and worthy behaviors. Thrice Crowned Bards are usually the senior bard for a shadow system.

  • Thrice Crowned Bard of Tosa is Duke Sir Venki Fairhand
  • Thrice Crowned Bard of York is Duke Sir Fortunadas
  • thrice Crowned Bard of Paradox is Duke Sir Beor of Paradox

Other Crowned bard