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Ajdyon Pandorym Random Task Aurebesh Kinetic Energy Weapon Llayne
Ajdyon Mission Link A1 Link A2 Link A3 Link A4 Link A5
Pandorym Link B1 Ironically used a freight train to kill a high-ranking officer of the Watchmen for being anti-transhumanist. Link B2 Link B3 Link B4 Link B5
Random Task Link C1 Link C1 Mission Link C1 Link C4 Link C5
Aurebesh Kidnapped a high ranking researcher at Graves Medical, causing a good amount of property damage in the kerfuffel Link D2 Link D3 Mission Link D4 The job required a lot of explosives, and Cage was more than happy to sell them to Sleeper.
Kinetic Energy Weapon Link E1 Link E2 Link E3 Link E4 Mission Link E5
Llayne Link F1 Link F2 Link F3 Link F4 Link F5 Watchmen: Hired by some Watchers to destroy the evidence against them. Stole evidence against the Purists to cover it up, and squeeze out a second payday.