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  • Mytahl Exeter, (Land-kin, Diviner). Mythal is middle-aged copper skinned, dark haired human woman, originally from Zukrut, the City of Brass and Gold. While the Wayfarers don't have leaders per se, Mytahl maintains a network of informants and coordinates information sharing among the Wayfarers. She has relatively good relations with the leaders of the Allied States, and was one of the petitioners that awakened Auraryuma. She's quiet about her own past, and the general impression is less one of secretiveness but rather a desire to forget. She's typically found at the Wandering Stars, a inn in Sarnkel, a fortified town in No Mans Land, near the Sylverdan border. The Wandering Stars serves as an unofficial headquarters for the Wayfarers.
  • Yayala Sutoto, (Lightfoot, Merchant). Yayala is a blond-haired halfling woman of indeterminate age. She manages financial matters for her more adventurous Wayfarer brethren and often aids in missions financially where she can. Her network of suppliers and traders serves as a supplementary information network. She's usually cheerful, but frets that she can't help more directly.
  • Zhid, (Starborn, Arcanoteknician). Zhid is an older starborn man, with slate-grey skin, white hair, and golden eyes and crystal. He defected from the Imperial Manufactuary College during the war and has found a home among the Wayfarers. His passion is creating arcanotek that can improve the daily lives of people. When a Wayfarer needs help with arcanotek, or if wayward arcanotek trooper is looking for maintenance or modifications, he's always ready to lend a hand.
  • Ashzuln, (Wolf-kin, Assassin). Ashvuln is a grey haired human man, originally from Zukrut. Where Mytahl manages the flow of information, he's usually out in the field gathering it from sources within and without the Allied States. He keeps to himself, and prefers to work alone.


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Other NPCs

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