D&D 5E: Deeps of Dragon Reach

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The Inner Isles of Dragon Reach

Out in the ocean to the west of the mainland is a long band of islands known as Dragon Reach. To the north and south the reach is mostly bare jagged rock and is indeed home to both magma and storm dragons (dragons in this setting are all technically elementals of some kind), but the inner islands of the reach are mainly lush and green and inhabited by a variety of sentient beings.

Throughout the isles, as on the coast of the mainland, the Halfling Nation is the most prolific sentient group and tribes of them can be found on nearly every habitable island in the Reach.

Halflings enjoy trade relations with the Giants of the Reach and many other groups native to individual isles.

Many of the islands still feature active volcanos and nearly all the inner isles would be considered tropical in climate. It being storm season, however, weather conditions at the start of our adventure may be less than ideal.

Isle of the Deeps

The particular island you wash ashore on is wild and mostly unsettled. Three halfling fishing villages can be found at various points on the shoreline and two settlements of sentient amphibians can be found in the swamps of the island's interior. There is also a long abandoned ruined temple not used by either sentient group higher up the island. Beneath the temple is a catacomb of deep caverns that extend below sea level. Some dry. Some flooded.

These are all elements I intend to include. What I would like from each of you is one more specific element about the island or its environs that you want to include as part of the setting. The only rule is that your element cannot invalidate any other established element (mine or another player's). I would also like each of you to include one veto - something you just don't want to see in the setting. These can invalidate established elements.

So you might decide an element you want to include is Sentient Coconut Trees, but you absolutely don't ever want to deal with Sharks. One element. One veto. If someone else wanted sharks as an element they'd have to pick something else because you've vetoed it. Same goes for vetoes that touch on my elements. If someone vetoes Halflings the players playing halflings still get to play halflings, but my halfling fishing villages would go gone.


[QUOTE="kokopelli, post: 23219707, member: 70442"]

Your Mission (before the storm borked it)

Your mission was to reach the isle of Donjyr in the south of the reach and try to establish a trade treaty with the storm giants who live there. This particular clan was known to trade in harvested dragonscale (dragons molt in this setting) as well as carved dragonhorn and teeth.

Surviving Crew

Quartermaster 'Stormwrath' (Dwarven Female)

First Mate 'Anchor Albatross' (Halfling Female)

Crewmen Baern, List, Dancer, Crow and Salt (Baern is a Human, the rest are Halflings. Dancer is the only female)

Galley Cook Cookie (Gnome Female)

Honor Guard Scatterscale (Dragonborn, gender undisclosed and indistinguishable)

Stonemason Spackle (Elemental Construct responsible for ship repairs)

Additionally, I would like each of you to come up with one more NPC who was either part of the crew or part of the mission and survived the wreck. I don't want you to attach levels or stats, just a name, race, physical description, any quirks or traits, and their relevant skill set.

Note: The Ship's Captain didn't make it, so please don't choose them for your NPC unless you want to make a ghost NPC.


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- 70% of the ship hull and both masts. (This is a dwarven ship made almost entirely of stone and a major resource on an island where organic matter is going to be the most readily available building material).

- 50 yards of sailcloth

-1000 yards of hempen rope

- 10 gallons of stonepitch (a semimagical substance that binds stone to stone and can only be handled safely by earth elementals or elemental constructs magically enchanted to use the stuff)

- Food for perhaps two weeks for you and the survivors

- 30 bolts of silk, 1 cask of gems, a boarsweight of bar gold (all meant as gifts for the Donjyr storm giants.

- Potions (salvaged from the captain's personal stores): Healing (3 4d4+4 HP draughts), Potion of Invisibility (1 Draught), Poison (1 draught, clearly marked), Water Breathing (3 draughts)