D&D 5e: Hand of the Midnight Sky

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Aureus Mazar played by Pandorym

Fadiya Mazer played by Sepulchritude

Wanala played by Stormraven

Sila Sahrazad played by Sage Genesis


Adamalasha is a port city with both outer and inner walls throughout the city. It is the capital of the Tiefling Federation, signatories of which are the Tiefling and Dragonborn nations, and in recent years the Halfling nation.

A cosmopolitan city engaged in trade with the near isles, the dragon's reach, and the dwrven empire, all manner of folk and goods and services may be found there.

Adamalasha is where the bulk of our adventures will take place.

The Shallows

The Shallows take up the entire south face of the city and include the harbour and wharf district as well as the warehouse distric. The Shallows are the lowest part of the city and floods on average twice a year.​ ​ The Saltwatch has the responsibility of guarding this quarter.​

Temple Row

In the center of the city, in a line oriented North to South is Temple Row, a single broad street flanked on either side with the temples of the gods and the properties of those gods' priests.​ ​ No one is forbidden access to Temple Row. The Temples are responsible for watching their own grounds. The Dragonwatch and the Saltwatch have no authority on Temple Row.​

The Desert Gate

Set between two great towers in the north (outer) wall above Temple Row is the massive gates and portcullis that is the only gate in the city's outer wall. Twelve chariots can ride abreast through this massive entrance.​

The Beast Holds​

Outside the north wall are the stables and holds that cater to the caravanserai that travel the great desert.​

The Ring​

Inside the north wall on either side of the gate are the forges of the smithing guild. It gets its name from the constant ring of hammers there.​

The Sprawl

The eastern side of the city, between Temple Row and the eastern wall, is the sprawl. Buildings and markets jammed together, the Sprawl is home to the city's poorer residents.​ ​ The Chandler's Tower, on the street of Flowers, where the PCs make their lair is in the Sprawl.​ ​ The Dragonwatch is responsible for the peace of the Sprawl.​

The Pillars

The western side of the city, between Temple Row and the western wall, is known as the Pillars. Here the houses of government can be found as well as the majority of the guilds within the city. This is where the Tiefling Parliament holds court and the wealthier members of the city reside.​ ​ The Dragonwatch is responsible for the peace of the Pillars.​

Beyond the City

To the south is the southron sea. To the north is the great desert. Within fifty miles of the city the desert is a hard packed drylands. North of that the desert becomes dunes and oases to the Dwarven Empire.​ ​ North and east and north and west are the Ferous wastes, an ore-rich mesaland that wraps the soutern end of the great desert.​

The Tiefling Federation

Tieflings, Dragonborn, and Halflings are all signatories of the federation, though people of all nations may be found within its borders.

The Dwarven Empire

North of the great desert the dwarven empire is primarily made up of dwarves, humans, barbarians, and gnomes with a small presence of elves and an even smaller representation of southerners from in and around the federation.