D&D 5e: Riders of the Gay Queen

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Gay queen.png

Character Table

Player IN AC MX
Features Resources Saves
Wynsome Fioara
Elven Archer
Shawn_Hagen +4 15 12 12 NA Dark Vision
Saving Throws: Strength,Constitution
Fighting Style: Archery
Second Wind: Regain 1D10+Level
Advantage on Charm Save
Magic Cannot Put to Sleep
Cantrip True Strike ST +3
DX +4
CO +4
IN +2
WS -1
CH +0
Tortle wizard
Talisman +0 17 8 8 14 Hold Breath 1 hour
Shell Defense
Ritual Casting
Arcane Recovery
Spells 2
Bless and Misty Step 1/long rest
ST -1
DX +0
CO +2
IN +6
WS +3
CH +1
Goblin Artificer
Darad Zhall +1 17 10 10 14 Darkvision
Fury of the Small
Nimble Escape
Magical Tinkering
Spells: 1, 1 ST -1
DX +1
CO +4
IN +6
WS +1
CH +0
Sam I Am +? ? ? ? ? ? ? ST +?
DX +?
CO +?
IN +?
WS +?
CH +?
DM brahnamin Minister of Misdemeanors, Malfeasance, and Shenanigans

Lands and Locales

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People, Government, & Religion

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