D'mitri "Doc" Lev

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Name: D'mitri "Doc" Lev
Archetype: Ship's Doc/Hacker
Professions: Academic Technocrat
Background: Advanced
Player: brahnamin
Appearance: Kind Hearted, Carefree, Intense


Mettle: +0
Physique: -1
Influence: +1
Expertise: +1
Interface: +2
Armor: +2
Advancement Trigger: A statement starts or ends a fight . . .


AI: You have the loyalty of a digital, artificial intelligence NPC. Give it a name and a 2-4 word description of its personality. It can enter, unlock and activate systems at your Command. Your AI can only be in one system at a time.
AI Name: Tik
AI Personality: Sharp, Concise, and Sarcastic
Hijack: When you Access a system, it locks out everyone else. You can open the system to anyone you wish.
Upload: Expend a Data Point on the SectorNet to have the facts about the subjec:
1. be erased, hidden, classified.​
2. become common knowledge.​
3. be falsified, pivotally altered.​
Chemistry: When creating an antidote, vaccine, drug, poison or pathogen in a lab, state the effect you want it to have and its method of transmission (spray, injector, pill, etc).
On a 10+, you successfully create it.
On a 7-9, it will have reduced potency or have unintended side effects.
Surgery: When using a medical facility, your Patch Up can be used to install prosthetics and perform surgical reconstruction on living beings. This treats critical injuries.


The Order [3]


Lev has significant dirt on one Monsignor Xavier Black, a matter of an indiscretion with his home planet's undersecretary and certain digital evidence concerning the Monsignor's personal belief system.

It was the Monsignor who pulled strings to arrange for Lev to be the resident medic on the Columbine.

A decade later, the former Monsignor is now Archbishop Black, making Lev's evidence all the more damning should it ever be released to the Order. A favor should be easily enough collected - assuming he survives his current circumstances.


Body Armor (Class 1; Uniform, +2 Armor, Armored)
Rig: Medical Kit + Medic Insignia visible on outer armor.
Computer Kit (Class 1; Tools to access, program, diagnose and repair computer systems. Laptops, diagnostic tools, wires, handheld power sources, portable data drives, etc.)
Melee Weapon (Class 2; Horse Tranquilizer Hypospray - Penetrating + Stun)
Virtual Weapon Tik will always be able to get to safety if you have access to a system they are in.

"Grenade, Timed" - (Haywire, Stun) - "throw" with Interface inside a computer network.


Medical: Sterile environment. Medbay, cryotubes, surgical servo arms, isolation chamber, recovery ward.

Data Points

  • What Lies Beneath 1



Adopted by wealthy parents, D'mitri grew up in an opulent environment, where money was never an obstacle and the best schools and trade training were his for the asking. But D'mitri has a heart for the broken and the lost and upon completing his education in computer sciences, he left his homeworld in search of needier souls to care for than could be found among the wealthy. In the course of his exodus, he quickly became entangled with emissaries of The Order. They eagerly sponsored his training, first as a field medic, then as a surgeon, and he remains deeply indebted to them.
D'mitri always introduces himself by his surname, Lev, rather than his given name, but most folk just call him "Doc" anyway.
While not a true pacifist, Lev does his best to adhere to the ancient vow of do no harm, but he keeps a hypospray full of horse tranquilizer that's been modified to penetrate armor for those rare occasions when fighting is just necessary.

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