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Name: Wright Coventry III

"Bro. You know you, like, don't have to be evil. It's a choice you're making. And it isn't very chill."'

Mantle: Knight of the Cross

Unique Conditions

On a Mission From God (Sticky) D0a.png

Crisis of Faith (Sticky) D0a.png

Core Stunts

  • The Sword of the Cross: You have been entrusted with an instrument of God’s will: Amoracchius. If On a Mission from God is marked, no one may claim a scale benefit (page 182) over you while you are wielding the sword. Using the sword while not on a mission elicits no benefits and immediately provokes a Crisis of Faith.
  • Right Place, Right Time: Once per session, you may announce your presence in the perfect place to help someone in need, ignoring usual limits of time, distance, or plausibility. Te GM may take advantage of this stunt from time to time to coincidentally put you in the path of someone in need—this does not count against your per-session use.

Additional Stunts

  • The Voice of God: Once per session, you may permit the Heavenly Host to speak through you to a specific target; the GM will inform you of the nature of the message. This stunt grants a +4 bonus on any social action against the stunt’s intended recipient.

High Concept: #KnightOfTheCross

Wright is a social-media-influencer by day, Sword-carrying servant of God by night...and sometimes also by day. That's up to the boss.

Trouble: Subtle? Isn’t that the name of a bar?

Wright lives his life big, loud, and flashy. That's not always the best approach, of course, particularly when dealing with the supernatural.

Free Aspect: Livin’ that ‘Gram Life

Wright's not overly concerned with money or material things - materialism isn't very chill - but he makes a surprisingly good living as a social medial influencer. Of course, that comes along with constant pressure to create content and maintain his image.

  • Sample Invokes: To have money; to know other people who are tuned in to social media; To have contacts or fans in various places
  • Sample Compels: To need to worry about keeping up his accounts; For things that might hurt his Rep; to have him lack credibility with older people/things who think social media is ridiculous; to feel the need to take that perfect picture for his account when he should be doing something else; to have something that shouldn’t be public accidentally end up on is accounts

Free Aspect: Danger is My Middle Name

Adrenaline junkie is a harsh phrase. It's also accurate.

  • Sample Invocations: Where reckless bravery is an advantage; For physical tasks where his extreme sports experience would be useful
  • Sample Compels: To do things the unnecessarily dangerous way when the safer way would be, well, safer; To have him get bored and do something stupid during long periods of inactivity; To accept dares and challenges that he probably shouldn't

Free Aspect: Greater Love hath no man

Some might wonder why God chose for a vapid adrenaline junkie who's never so much as read the Bible to carry one of the most powerful artifacts in creation (Amoracchius, the Sword of Love once known as Excalibur). Those people don't realize that Wright understands God's greatest commandment on a bone-deep, instinctual level - to love others as you love yourself.

  • Sample Invocations: Amorrachius-related advantages; Where faith or love might give Wright or another person strength
  • Sample Compels: Amorrachius-related disadvantages; Where love of another might lead Wright to sacrifice himself


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png: Flair

Blackfate.png Blackfate.png: Force, Haste

Blackfate.png: Guile, Focus

Blackfatezero.png: Intellect

Stress & Conditions


D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png

In Peril (Sticky)


Doomed (Lasting)


Indebted (Sticky)

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png



Personal Details

Wright is the scion of a Midwestern tractor dealership dynasty. Selling tractors and tractor parts wasn't what Wright wanted out of his life (and he wasn't all that good at it anyway), so he left Lawrence, Kansas at 19 and fueled his life of extreme sports and backpack travel with social medial endorsements. His photogenic face, good-ole-American background, and effortless cool-guy attitude made him ideal for the action sports segment.

One day a few years back, he and a few friends were caught in a sudden avalanche when BASE jumping in the Northern Rockies. After he finished tumbling downslope, his friends lost nearby, he found himself in a cocoon of snow. Digging around and trying to figure out which way was up, Wright's hand closed on the hilt of an old medieval sword.

Sweet, Wright thought, and used the sword to help dig himself out. Somehow (Wright really didn't understand at the time), the sword helped him find his friends a few minutes later.

Where it really came in handy, though, was when that wendigo showed up an hour later as they were hiking out.

Since then, Wright's life hasn't changed all that much. He was brought up conventionally, non-denominationally Protestant, but his faith is more primitive. It's not rooted in the text of a book (Wright's never so much as cracked the Bible intentionally); he just knows that there's somebody up there watching out for us and who wants us to take care of each other. So, now, he sometimes takes care of folks with a Sword.

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