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Old Lody

AKA: Lody the Mad, Lodurr the Lost, Lodurr the Forgotten

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Quote: "Back in the day, Odin was known by the kenning Lodurr's Friend. Hah! The most important thing about him was that he knew me!"


Mantle "Ancient Norse Hero"
Scale: Supernatural
High Concept "Delusional Drunken Demigod"
Trouble "Call of the Ancient"
Aspects "It's going to be Glorious!" "Criminal Fringe" "Built like a (Hibernating) Bear"

A big, muscular man despite the fact that he's packed on more than his fair share of padding over the years. Lody's knuckles are scarred and he has visible tatoos on his hands and arms... both in an old nordic style and more modern patterns.
His long silver hair is pulled back into a thick braid despite that fact that he's balding in the front. He has a short silver beard bright golden brown eyes. He generally wears once fine and expensive clothing that has become threadbare or soiled through his raucous exploits.


+3 Force
+2 Flair, Guile
+1 Focus, Haste
+0 Intellect

Rune Magic Core
-Rune of Release +2 Focus Overcome to make things open, unlock, unbar, unscrew, etc...
-Rune of False Sight +2 Guile CAA to make people see things that aren't there.
When the In Pursuit condition is marked, Lody's runes operate at Otherworldly scale.
Natural Weapon Core
-Lody has wrestled wolves, battled Jotun and fought primordial beings with his bare hands. His unarmed attacks are worth +1 shift on a successful hit and may have scale, at the GM's discretion.
Call to Adventure (Einherjar reskin)
-Once per Session, Lodurr's heroics may serve as a Call to Adventure for an ordinarily normal mortal that he has interacted with. That mortal will join Lodurr for one scene, but is controlled by the GM. This mortal has +2 in 1 approach and +0 in all other approaches for the duration of the scene, and 6 stress boxes. If the the fledgling hero survives the scene they may become a named/recurring NPC.
Flames of Inspiration (Inspiration reskin)
-Lodurr exudes confidence that inspires and others. Once per session, he may spend a Fate Point to do one of the following: 1) recover from a sticky condition related to despair or self-doubt, 2) begin recovery of a similar lasting condition, or 3) imbue somebody with an aspect of tremendous self confidence that lasts the entire session and has 3 invokes.


Scale: Supernatural
Refresh 2

Hurt (Sticky) O Core

In Peril (Sticky) -4 O
Wounded (Lasting) -4 O Core
Doomed (Lasting) -6 O

Stress (Fleeting) OOO OOO
Indebted (Sticky) OOO OO

Personal Details

It was a cruel fate that Lodurr should fade from memory. His part in the very creation of mankind was eventually attributed to other gods, and the brief mentions of him in ancient prose are widely misrepresented as actually being Loki or Frey.

He is remembered as little more than a footnote.

Some say he gifted Ash and Elm with blood and good looks... others with warmth. They're all wrong. The gift was really fire... life itself and the passion to live it.

Perhaps Loduur himself was consumed by that lust. He spent more and more time with the humans... eventually fading from the ancient epics altogether.

Old Lody... or Lody the Mad as some call him... has lived through millennia, though his mind has eroded and crumbled under the strain. Some days he doesn't even remember who he is, and can be found reveling in one vice after another. Other days he mourns everything he lost, and drowns his sorrows in a river of ale.

Sometimes... when he can be reminded of who he really is, that spark of adventure can be reignited. A glimpse of who he used to be will surface as he charges forward toward one heroic deed or another... for only through great achievement can he be restored to his rightful place among the other Aesir.




Aspect Details

High Concept "Delusional Drunken Demigod"
Whether or not he is what he claims, there is no doubt that Lody possesses abilities far beyond that of a mortal... and an ego worthy of a god. The weight of millennia has eroded Lodurr's mind and he has trouble remembering details or telling fact from fiction. Or... that could all simply be the effect of centuries of booze and other vices finally taking their toll.
Invoke when doing implausible heroics like the ballads of old, when drinking or resisting the urge to drink, to recall a piece of information from long ago.
Compel to have him be drunk at the wrong time, to have enemies of the Aesir come after him... to to have his memories or perceptions lead him down the wrong path or cloud his judgement.

Trouble"Drawn to the Ancient"
Through fragments of broken memories, one thing is painfully clear to Lody... he's not what he once was. That hole inside himself... that absence... can be very frustrating for the ancient man. At times he feels the pain of loss so much that he'll do anything to fill it. On top of that... he seems to have some sort of connection to the primordial energies of old. It's why he's in Baton Rouge. Something important is here... he just doesn't know what... or where.
Being drawn to that power is one thing... but it also makes Lody worry about becoming a calculating, power hungry Aesir like most of his brethren He feels the need to reclaim his lost power in a very visceral way. Lody suppresses this as much as he can and worries that if he doggedly seeks this ancient power he might end up losing himself in the process.
Invoke when searching for ancient powers.
Compel to have him prioritize seeking mysterious powers over his friends, to have him become covetous and greedy

Aspect "It's going to be Glorious!"
The Aesir are not known for their modesty. They prefer to tackle obstacles in the most dramatic of fashion like an epic fight or battle of wits... stuff the poets would sing about for ages. When the do resort to subterfuge and trickery, rarely does the deed go unsung. If the Lody doesn't reveal his plot to his enemies to rub salt in the wound they will likely hear about it from his drunken boasting as he makes sure his legacy is remembered.
Invoke when being obvious, making a spectacle of himself or doing something over the top when a much simpler plan would do.
Compel to have his attempts at subtlety fail, to have his bragging rub people the wrong way, to have his bragging reach the wrong ears and warrant revenge.

Aspect "Criminal Fringe"
Lody has crossed paths with the authorities during his various exploits... and a couple of the times he was even on the right side of the law. He's also made some friends among the criminal underbelly of Baton Rouge. I mean, when your only appreciable skill is beating people up your options for meaningful employment are pretty slim. Invoke to know something about cops or criminals, when trying to contact one or get information from them.
Compel to have the cops give him a hard time, to have his 'fringe' status make things difficult when trying to ingratiate himself with other criminals. To get caught up in an 'offer he can't refuse.'

Aspect "Built like a (Hibernating) Bear"
Lody's size makes him easy to notice. For his impressive muscles, sure... but more for his beer gut and the layers of fat on his frame. He's capable of some impressive feats of strength, but his bulk makes him struggle in the areas of grace and stealth.
Invoke when strength is an advantage, when using his prodigious size, when trying to act like a non-threatening heavy-set guy.
Compel to have others underestimate him at the wrong time, have him fail a stealth attempt, or be unable to squeeze though tight spaces, carts, etc...

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