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==Sixth Question==
==Sixth Question==
'''WHO ARE YOU DESCENDED FROM, AND WHAT WERE THEIR TALENTS?''' Nic's family line is descended from Eris, the Nightmare murdered by his fellow Awake Fix and Steph in their quest to find and defeat the Knightmare.
'''WHO ARE YOU DESCENDED FROM, AND WHAT WERE THEIR TALENTS?''' Nic doesn't know this, but his maternal grandfather and namesake Nicodemus Constantinou was also one of the Awake.
'''Exhaustion Talent'''
''Mixology:'' Creating the perfect drink for any situation, whether to revitalize someone, smooth over a bad argument, or be tasty enough to be persuasive.
'''Madness Talent'''
''Chaos:'' Turn a situation inside out and upside down, always to her benefit. Random growth and shrinkage, stopping time by briefly killing it, direct probability alteration, and violent random events such as weather, matter creation/destruction, and floods/quakes/etc.
Exhaustion and Madness talents?

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