DRYH: Legacy - 02

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I'd rather be disreputable and happy than respectable and dead inside.

High Concept

MY NAME IS . . . Nic Woodbury. Short for Nicodemus, not Nicholas, but only my grandmother calls me that.

AND I AM . . . A freelancer.

Five Questions

WHAT'S BEEN KEEPING YOU AWAKE? The gig economy. It's hard to make ends meet without hustling every minute. I hold down three jobs - not that my family would consider them jobs - as a fast food delivery driver, ebay seller, and freelance essay writer, and it just about keeps a roof over my head. It's worth it to be free of their expectations.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO YOU? was heading to the post office after a night up writing essays about the three stages of backward design, and epistemological analysis of the concept of foundationalism, when this idiot in a van ran a red light and came right at me. I knew I was dead. Next thing I know the van slams sideways into a lamppost, like it had been hit by a truck. Driver was dead on impact.

WHAT'S ON THE SURFACE? People see a cheerful fidgetty guy in his early twenties, who's tall and thin in a way that looks perpetually underfed. My parents would be mortified by my spiked blonde hair, eyeliner, and purple nails.

WHAT LIES BENEATH? I was brought up in a family obsessed with appearances, to be respectable, always smiling, always creating the best impression. People thought I was an airhead coasting on Daddy's money. They've no fucking idea how hard it is, how tiring, to have to be on all the time. Enough of that. I'm done.

WHAT IS YOUR PATH? Where are you headed? What do you want? What do you need? What will you do to get it?

Sixth Question

WHO ARE YOU DESCENDED FROM, AND WHAT WERE THEIR TALENTS? You are the direct descendant of a famous/infamous Awake. Who were they and what were their Exhaustion and Madness talents?


You have three points to divide between fight and flight responses. You can put all three in one and none in the other or two in one and one in the other.




Can Find Anything: I make a living finding things: addresses for deliveries, shortcuts, stuff people want, information. Stands to reason I'd be good at it by now.


Telekinesis: Does exactly what it says on the tin. Which I can throw at you with my mind.

[1-2 Dice] to pick up and move small loose items
[3-4 Dice] to pick up and move medium items (eg tear up street signs, street lamps, and cars and chuck them a couple blocks)
[5-6 Dice] to pick up and move large items (eg tear an entire tenement building up from the foundation and hurl it at the community center across town)

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