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Durgaz's Stuff he knows[edit]

***EYES ONLY*** This is a specialized "lorebook" of all things that would be immediately available (without skill checks) for the character. Things will be posted as they come up or are asked about. Players other than Durgaz SHOULD NOT read this information.


  1. Contacts
  2. 10 Questions
  3. Enemies
  4. Locations
  5. Organizations
  6. Miscellaneous


  • Armor/Clothes:
  • Weapons:
    • Talûn-karkû's Vardatch, 'Dragondoom'
    • orcish composite longbow
    • 11 arrows
    • silvered punch-dagger
  • Books
    • The Book of Erotic Orcish Poetry [7.9 lbs]
  • Charms:
    • (True) a small carved figurine with broken chains dangling from its wrists. Grants the possessor a +4 on Will saves vs. Compulsion effects.
    • (True) a tiny wooden mask with no eye-holes. Makes the possessor invisible to Fell.
    • (Greater) a yellow and red silk rosette. When smashed, grants a +2 luck bonus to AC for one minute.
    • (?) a woven silk wrist strap. When it fastened to the wrist and the hands held out, grants detect undead in a 60' cone for up to 1 minute.
    • (?) a feathered tassel. When the bearer is struck by an attack that beats his AC by 1 or 2, it activates and increases his AC by 1 or 2 against this attack only.
  • Other
    • set of enchanted blacksmith tools (+4 craft, and another ability that involves reading Elfish)
    • a necklace of bog orc tusks and two of the White Worm's fingers.
    • small whetstone
    • enormous wolf hide, covered in small symbols carved with a heated dagger
    • A leaf, with writing, somehow... It's a mystery!
    • 2 sets of manacles
    • 6 potions of Cure Serious Wounds (cure 3d8+5 damage each).
    • A vial wrapped in a piece of parchment. On the parchment is a drawing of an Orc with snakes for arms. ("The viscious tonic that is azure in color. It smells like peach, tastes like nuts and black pepper.")
    • 30' of silk rope
    • 27 doses of Aranasil poison (DC 31, Injury, 2d6 Str initial, 2d6 Str secondary).
    • A mysterious golden sphere, given by the Witch-Queen.