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Son of the (in)famous fighter Morgan Ironwolf, Dagon fell in with bad company as a youth and ended up running with a bunch of bad lads. Having inherited his mother's battle prowess, he found himself in the role of "heavy" for his gang, which worked well for him until he was caught by the city watch when a job went wrong. His mother managed to get him off the hook by leveraging on her reputation and calling in favors the authorities owed her, but the price of that generosity was his unofficial banishment from the family until he had "made something of himself". Interpreting this as becoming a famous fighter in his own right, Dagon signed on with the mercenary company called the Wild Geese, and left the very next day, with only his battle gear to accompany him.

He soon became a raider captain in the Geese thanks to his fighting skills and the martial instincts inherited from his mother. His unofficial nickname was "The Razor", due to his mastery of the dagger, a weapon he'd become familiar with during his days as a street tough and which he'd turned into a murderous weapon thanks to nearly a decade of constant practice and refinement of his technique. Eventually, the Geese received a retainer contract as the vassals of Mieren's Dragon Queen, which meant a safe, stable routine of training levies and patrolling the outskirts. This was not the life for Dagon, and he terminated his attachment with them in order to continue adventuring on his own.

What legends will they tell of his deeds?


Dagon is a tall young man with a bronzed, hard body who moves with the reflexes of a cat on a hot tin roof. He is a warrior and dresses like one, accoutring himself in a suit of magic field plate, a shield in the shape of a maltese cross in one hand and a trident in the other. However, Dagon favors the dagger, and has multiple such items in his possession at all times, be it a bandolier strapped to his chest, a bracer on his wrist, or his magic dagger "Fang", commonly secreted in a sheath running along the inside of his thigh. Unlike his mother, his features are rather plain, though he will not send children screaming away from him like others might. He is often accompanied by a small animal or two that he has befriended with his ring of animal friendship, though he usually sends them away if he suspects trouble is going to start.



STR: 18/92 (24) Hit: +2 (+6) Damage: +5 (+12) Weight Allowance: +3000 (12000) Open Doors: 1-4 (1) (19 in 20 (7 in 8)) Bend Bars: 35% (100%)
INT: 10 Spells: 5th Add'l Languages: 2 Spell Chance: 45% Min Spells: 5 Max Spells: 7
WIS: 10 Mental Attack Adj: 0
DEX: 15 Reaction Adj: 0 Def Adj: -1
CON: 15 HP Adj: +1 System Shock: 91% Resurection Survival: 94%
CHA: 09 Max Hench: 4 Loyalty: Reaction Adj:


Age: 24 (Young Adult and Mature adjustments factored in)
Alignment: NG
Weight: 6' 1" (183cm)
Height: 165 lbs (75 kg)


HP: 59
AC: -4 (in field plate +1) or -2 (in elfin chainmail +2) (both include Dex Adj. of -1, Ring of Protection +1 and Buckler +2)
THAC0: 14

Saving Throws

Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 9
Petrification, Polymorph: 10
Rod, Staff, or Wand: 11
Breath Weapon: 11
Spell: 12

(Ring of Protection +1 factored in)


81500xp Class: Thief 5 / Fighter 7


Dagger (Double-Specialized)

Thief Skills

Backstab x3
Pick Pockets 50%
Open Locks 42%
Find/Remove Traps 40%
Move Silently 40%
Hide in Shadows 31%
Hear Noise 20%
Climb Walls 90%
Read Languages 25%

Secondary Skills



Philter of Persuasiveness
Potion of Frost Giant Strength
Trident of Submission (13 charges) => +4 Dagger of Throwing "Nail"
Tome of Understanding
+4 Dagger "Tooth" Int 13 Ego 6 Empathy AL:NG Detect shifting walls and rooms, Detect Invisible 1"radius
Leather armor +2 => Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
Buckler +2
Field Plate +1
Scroll of Protection from Magic
Ring of Animal Friendship
Ring of Protection +1
Potion of Healing
Ring of Swimming
Elfin Chain +2


Weapon Bonus: Attack Bonus: Damage Total Damage S or M Total Damage L Weight Length
"Fang" (Melee) +4 (+3 Spec) +4 (+3 Spec) 15-19 15-18 10 15"
"Nail" (Melee) +4 (+3 Spec) +4 (+3 Spec) 15-19 15-18 10 15"
Normal Dagger (Melee) +3 Spec +3 Spec 11-14 11-13 10 15"
Thrown Dagger (ROF 2) +3 Spec +3 Spec 11-14 11-13 10 15"
Thrown Nail (ROF 2) +4 (+3 Spec) +4 (+3 Spec) 16-23 16-21 10 15"