Darion Blake of New Rome

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Darion Blake


Homeworld: New Rome [a colony of Glisten]

Age 42

Terms Served

  • Army Cavalry 1 Term (Lance Corporal) - CSR, Purple heart, MCUF.
  • Star Marines 2 Terms (Lance Corporal)- CSR, MCUF Bar.
  • Free Trader 2 Terms (Spacehand)
  • Salvager 1 Term (R0)


  • Drive 0, Hvy Weapons 0, Language 0, Seafarer 0, Science 0, Stealth 0 Steward 0, Tactics 0 .
  • Athletics[Dex] 1, Diplomacy 1, Electronics[Sensors] 1, Gun[Slug] 1, Leadership 1, Melee[Unarmed] 1, Streetwise 1, Pilot[Spacecraft] 1, Vacc Suit 1.
  • Astrogation 2, Gun[Energy] 2, Medic 2, Recon 2.
  • Melee Combat [Blades] 3.

Significant People.

  • Connection: Sayaka il'Moon “Saya” A childhood friend from New Rome. Also arrested him 24 years later.
  • Connection: Iglim of Tsarina "Iggy" or "Pop" A fellow Marine and member of Darion's fire-team during a two year anti-piracy hitch. Their entire

platoon went in as frontal assault drop troops during the final raid on the pirate base at Datrillion.

  • Enemy - Ruuj Ghaashnuur Imperial ‘Trader’ Captain flagged out of Dallia. Works for the Trexalon Technocracy. They clashed over several smuggling/human trafficking incidents in the Tarkine system and Ruuj, an unscrupulous and devious type, had the Trexalon run up smuggling charges.
  • Ally - Romantic. Ayeht Espihz Darian[F] he formed a lifelong bond with during the occupation of Lanth 1107-1109.


  • Gun - 1000cr
  • Blade - Static Blade [Swordworlder Captains Blade]
  • Armour - TL12 Cloth Undersuit + more to come- total 10000cr

Homeworld: New Rome [a colony of Glisten]


  • TL-12 Static Blade [Sword Worlder Captain] w'case. 950cr + 50cr
  • Combat Env Suit w TL-12 Cloth undersuit. Prot +8/+4[12], Rad 20 Weight 2+2+1 kg. 10000cr
    • Chameleon IR + 5000cr.
    • Hardhat [CES Helmet - rigid version] 1kg Prot 12 [as above] 75cr w'Computer/1 1000cr , Binoculars 75, Eye Protection 50cr, Geiger Counter 400cr, IR Goggles 500, Radio Transceiver 500, Scope 50.
  • Assault Rifle 500cr, X-Ray outlining aid [TL9] 300cr, Laser sight [TL 10] 200cr.

History The Blake Clan are old Sindahlese stock, and had been working the underseas of New Rome for generations before colonization from Glisten began. They are Providers, rough working folk on the edge of respectability and civilization. They net Ur-krill in the ice caverns and hunt Exo-pods during their migrations, catching and processing them for Human and Aslan consumption. Darion grew up in the fishing fleet and was working Subs by 14, but the whole clan could see his heart wasn't in it. He spent as much time as he could at the new schools, and made a circle of friends that included Sakaya Il’Moon. They bonded over their desire to see the stars and pushed each other to do their best. His native intelligence and constant questions about the outside world convinced the Clanheads to let him apply for University. So, off he went to the big colony cities near the warmer equator.


Darion’s application was rejected due to his uncertain status as a Glisten Citizen. Having made it to the big city and wanting to see more of the world, Darion tried to enlist rather than go home, reasoning that he could do a stretch in the Imperial Army to solidify his citizenship status, like many of his clan, then re-apply to university. Darion enlisted and found himself in the Imperial Army Cavalry. After training, he is shipped out to District 268 to support local client states. His unit was involved in long range patrols in support of the Marine garrison on Tarkine, a rather brutal ground war fought on the most beautiful planet in the Subsector. In the middle of his hitch, he triggered a direction mine that shredded him alive, and he spent five months in hospital, most of it in a locally run rehabilitation centre, where he learned a little of the local language and made friends. He received his Purple Heart, promotion [Lance Corporal] and MCUF and was sent back to the front. Despite his growing love for the world and people of Tarkine, he repatriated back to his homeworld at the end of his tour.

1091-1094 By 22, Darion was a recovering War Vet with some really interesting scars and a gun. A very different world view, too. The stories of the locals on Tarsus had given him a view of the world from outside the Imperium, and it wasn't one he was too comfortable with. He reapplied for University, but found himself turned down again, even on a vet scholarship. Someone has it in for Clan Blake at admissions, mainly due to increasing strain between the locals and the New Colonials. Discouraged, but not disheartened, Darion applies for the more prestigious Marines, counting on his service record to help his admission. In The Star Marines, he does well, but finds it dull compared to the Army... not that he'd mention that. His shipboard workouts and study regimens occupy an otherwise uneventful hitch at New Rome, apart from a promotion to Lance Corporal. He is able to spend a fair amount of time with his family, at least in holo’s and netcomms, and he is well aware of the local tensions. This gives him time to think about the wider Imperium and his place in it.

1095-1098 Mustering out again at 30 with a slew of military skills, no money, and a peevish desire to prove everyone wrong and be the first Blake to go to University [nobody ever said a Blake wasn't stubborn], a thoroughly disillusioned Darion is turned down for both University and an application for The Imperial Justice Department. To make matters worse, his application leaves him open to the draft. Luckily, his Unit Sergeant Major sees his draft papers and recalls him to duty. He returns to his old Marine unit and picks up the nick name 'Two Timer'. Despite his dodgy rep, he redeemed himself in the eyes of the corps with his actions on the front lines of a years-long anti-piracy campaign, hunting Sword-World sponsored groups. He got to know Iglim of Tsarina during this time as a member of his fire team and they formed a bond. The mission culminated in a planetary assault and occupation of the pirate base [secretly supported by the old Oligarchy] on Datrillion. Taking leadership when the chain of command was decimated during an initial orbital assault, Darion's fire-team led several marine units to critical targets and rallied disorganised outliers from the drop. The Datrillion Drop is mildly famous in the service, and survivors have limited bragging rights. The pirate base was ultimately destroyed, the old government toppled and a representative democracy established. A promotion, ribbons and a medal bar followed for one of the first-in Drop Troops, and Darion retired to New Rome a hero.

1099-1102 Even Heroes need to eat. Two months of work back with the Clan and Darion placed an admission form with the Free Traders Guild, offering his knowledge of District 268 as an extra bargaining chip. He placed a berth on the tramp trader Largesse, but his years were fraught with the legal problems created by competing polities and the Imperial border in District 268 - as well as some of their barely-legal trading practices. He largely worked in negotiations with passengers and local port staff, developing a knack for getting everyone most of what they wanted. This helped when the personal references came up in various of their legal shenanigans. Despite being too busy to learn much, Darion felt he had found a place in the slightly seedy subculture of the Borderworld Free Traders. 1103-1106 The Largesse moved deeper into District 268, running riskier and riskier cargoes. Dorian met up with an old friend on Tarkine during a layover and ended up agreeing to ‘run’ medical supplies and food to impoverished backwoods villages and towns. The number of visits the Largesse made to the system were noted by one Ruuj Ghaashnuur, an Imperial Citizen who flagged a small fleet of traders out of Dallia. Ruuj ran a human trafficking ring under his cover as a trading network and used a location in the Tarkine hinterlands as a base. Darion convinced his crew to try and put them out of business by exposure - Ruuj retaliated by pinning evidence of arms smuggling on them. This led to a cat-and-mouse chase for several months in the local systems. The Largesse was finally run down and captured by non other than Darion’s childhood friend Sayaka Il’Moon, now a captain in the Imperial Navy.

Despite a sympathetic friend, Imperial processes saw the Largesse confiscated, her accounts frozen and cargo seized by the Dallian government, pending trial. After 3 months of waiting, the crew were finally released [except for the captain-owner], and Sayaka provided naval passage for the crew back to Imperial space. Once again, Darion came home, but this time he was broke and broken.

1107-1110 The Fifth Frontier War.

A dispirited Darion finally accepted an offer to pull space duty on a salvage crew working the Glisten - Mertactor Trade lanes. When war broke out, they were scooped up by the Imperial Navy and shipped Coreward to provide secondary support to Navy Salvage vessels.

His vessel was in Lanth Downport for sensor upgrades when the Sword Worlds launched their surprise attack in 1107. He escaped, along with a small group of other off-worlders, from the Downport and managed to escape into the tens of thousands of small islands and archipelagos that supported the local population. During this escape, he met and fell in love with Ayeht Espihz, a Daryan Scholar - Technician. Hiding her existence from Sword-Worlders became harrowing, and Darion reluctantly hooked up with the local guerrilla movement, providing technical and medical support to more active resistance cells. When the planet was liberated in 1109, they found the Imperium's gratitude for their wartime service was a lift home, a civilian service citation and a thank you.

Darion thinks he has finally found a ‘home’ - his new relationship with Ayeht. His wilder background somehow complements her more sedate upbringing and they inspire each other to be different. His clan accepted her and their prodigal son with open arms, but Darion and Ayeht want to do more in the wake of the war and build a life together.

So Darion and Ayeht have made contact with his childhood friend, now Dame Sakaya Il’Moon and part owner of a Far Trader, offering themselves as elite, multi-positional space crew