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Campaign Overview

Doskvol has many rogues, sharpers, cutpurses, chicaners... but there are some who serve a higher purpose. Some have been touched by the Divine. Some follow a calling, out of blind faith or the actual revelation of a God. Their hands may be stained, their methods devious, their minds unbalanced, but their hearts are pure... in the service of a Higher One.

The Forgotten Gods of Doskvol may have been forgotten by most of its citizens, but they have not forgotten the world. They move dark and enigmatic, with plans and intentions far beyond the scope of puny human minds. Is their touch a blessing or a curse? Perhaps only time will tell... when some great revelation or catastrophe shakes the heavens in their spheres once more.

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Crew name [TBC]

Player Character Playbook Stress Trauma Coin Stash Notes
Atlictoatl Koss "Tapper" Keel Lurk 17 67/78 51
EnigmaticOne Adric Clelland Spider 16 64/64 48
MrPrim Tower Hollow 4 5
Random Task TBC 11 12 53/60 36
strange behaviour Kelyr "Blue" Innerwick Slide 10 40/50 30

Important Places and Groupings

Please note: Your Doskvol may differ.



Six Towers

This formerly prestigious district has faded over the centuries into a pale shadow of what it once was. The eponymous six towers were originally the grand residences of Doskvol’s first noble families. All but two (Bowmore House and Rowan House) have been sold off and converted into cheap apartments or fallen into ruin and abandoned. The district has an empty, haunted feel, with many sprawling old buildings dark without power, broad stone streets cracked and buckled, and the fires of squatters crackling from overgrown lots. A more detailed map is here.

  • Scene: Bits of trash, blown by a cold wind, skitter across empty streets, illuminated only by a few still-working street lamps and the campfires of squatters. The shutters and doors of abandoned buildings moan, creak, and bang in a haunted chorus. Residents hustle by, heads down, clutching spiritbane charms close to their breasts.
  • Streets: Broad stone avenues, cracked and broken, dark without power; overgrown and neglected. Comber Way, Bowmore Way, Rowan Way, Coleburn Avenue.
  • Buildings: Palatial estates, tumbled into disrepair. Grand manors, remodeled into cramped and cheap apartments.


Nightmarket is a district dominated by commerce. Situated near Gaddoc Rail Station, Nightmarket receives the bulk of salable goods from the cargo trains that travel across the Imperium, bringing the exotic and rare to Duskwall. The citizens that call Nightmarket home constitute a new class of “elites” — wealthy people who are not of noble descent but nevertheless claim land, status, and power without titles. The district has been taken over by new construction, introducing lavish private townhouses with all of the modern advances for the elites that can afford them.


Charterhall is the site of the first major construction in the city, in the days before the cataclysm. The old wall upon which was built the first lightning barrier in the Empire still stands in partial ruin around the district. The area is now home to the civic offices of the government including the courts, licensing and taxation offices, banks, and records archives. City officials and students at Charterhall University live here, along with the captains of Imperial industry who prefer to reside within sight of their fortunes.

Important People

  • Mother Narya. Runs the Arms of the Weeping Lady charity house. (Kind, Patient)
  • Chef Roselle. One of the best cooks in the city, still operating the legendary Golden Plum restaurant—worth the trip into the haunted streets of Six Towers. (Creative, Insightful, Friendly)
  • Flint. A spirit trafficker who trades out of a condemned manor house. (Weird, Calculating, Suspicious)

House Rules and Quirks